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Recycling Solutions

Electronic Recycling Solutions

Computer Recycling Solutions

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  • Servers Recycling
  • Desktop Recycling
  • Workstations Recycling
  • Laptops Recycling
  • Printers Recycling
  • Storage Recycling
  • Switches Recycling
  • Routers Recycling
  • Controllers Recycling
  • Monitors Recycling
  • Memory Recycling
  • Disk Arrays Recycling
  • Components Recycling
  • CD Drives Recycling
  • ICs Recycling
  • Hubs Recycling
  • Modems Recycling
  • Scanners Recycling
  • Bar Coders
  • Labelers
  • UPS Recycling
  • PDAs Recycling
  • Fax Machines
  • CPUs Recycling
  • Software
  • VCRs Recycling
  • Optical Recycling
  • Circuit Boards
  • Precious Metal
  • Misc. Boards
  • Cell Phones
  • Medical Equip.
  • Telephones
  • Testing Equip.
  • Copiers Recycling
  • Tape Drives Recycling
De-Install Services

ARS can de-install and de-populate computer systems, datacenters and other IT equipment at your site to ready them for the recycling process. Our crew is certified and well versed in de-installs and can even audit your equipment right on site.

Logistics Services

ARS offers complete nationwide professional packaging, skidding and transportation services for business, institutional, educational, government and OEM clients. We will work with you to ensure that your computer equipment designated for recycling is securely, safely and efficiently transported to our warehouse facility.

Asset Tag Removal

All asset tags are removed from equipment so there are no identifying factors.

Secure Data Destruction

All computer drives (discs) are sterilized via DoD format or shredding thereby removing any loss of or stolen data.


All computer and IT equipment is audited via serial or other number and is placed in an excel file for your review.

Compliance Certifications

Upon completion of recycling services you will receive a certificate of recycling compliance.

Our Computer Recycling and IT Disposal Services

are HIPAA, Green, and Law Complaint. Our Professional staff is well Trained and Experienced in handling all Computer Recycling, Monitor Disposal, Medical Equipment Recycling, and Data Destruction to your entire satisfaction. Just Rely on our complete B2B Solutions customize to meet all your IT Recycling needs. Just Call Us!

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