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IT Recycling for New Jersey Businesses

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Most businesses today operate with a suite of electronic devices, from printers to smartphones to computers and monitors. This means that from time to time, those businesses are required to dispose of multiple pieces of equipment at one time. Because electronic equipment contains hazardous chemicals, tossing them in dumpsters isn t an option, requiring businesses to search for methods of responsibly recycling electronics.

When a New Jersey business needs help with its IT recycling, National Computer Warehouse Services is a natural choice. We assess your equipment needs and work on a plan to responsibly recycle your end-of-life equipment, letting you attend to your day-to-day professional tasks while we take care of the rest. You ll be able to tell your customers and associates that your equipment was recycled as part of your commitment to practices that reduce your business s carbon footprint.

Security Concerns

New Jersey businesses have security concerns, whether the equipment being disposed is a full-scale server or a smartphone. Each piece of equipment contains sensitive customer data, with businesses at serious risk if the data falls into the wrong hands. One stolen or misplaced hard drive filled with customer data can lead to months of work, with businesses required by regulation to reach out to all potentially-compromised customers and offer restitution.

NCWS takes your data security seriously, taking every measure possible to make sure your equipment is accessed only by authorized personnel. From the time your equipment leaves your premises, it will be completely safe, with data completely eliminated before each item is sent off for recycling. In most cases, hard drives are destroyed completely to erase even the smallest risk that data will be compromised.

Property Removal

Often businesses find themselves with a pile of equipment due to a major move, either of a server room or an entire office space. When that happens, professionals are tasked with removing that equipment by a certain date, probably dictated by the property management company or real estate agent responsible for selling the property. We ll work directly with those parties to make sure all equipment is removed by the desired date to avoid a conflict. When a New Jersey business turns its equipment removal process over to NCWS, that business knows equipment will be moved responsibly and efficiently. By working with us, professionals can focus on what they need to do and leave the small details to us. We ll ensure everything is removed and discarded as a company wants without negatively affecting the environment.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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