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How to Recruit Great Tech Workers for Your Business

How to Recruit Great Tech Workers for Your Business

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, July 11 6:00

Reliable, talented employees are hard to find, especially if you re working within a budget. This is especially true for businesses hiring technology professionals, whose skills sometimes need to be highly specialized. The rarer the knowledge, the more you ll likely have to pay. If hiring outside your local area isn t an option, you ll also be competing with the other businesses in your town that are looking for great tech talent.

Often the best way to find the skilled workers you need is to cast as wide a net as possible during the recruiting process. Merely posting a listing on a job board might not be enough to bring in a large number of candidates. Here are a few good ways to find highly-skilled technology workers for your business.

Hire a Professional

Professional recruiters specialize in pairing businesses with the talent they need. Since many technology professionals realize this, they now go straight to recruiters when they re seeking a new professional opportunity. They may even remain in close contact with recruiters if they re satisfied in their current positions, asking to be notified of certain types of job openings.

It s important to find the right recruiter to meet your own unique business needs. Look closely at the specialists the recruiter represents. Some technology staffing experts focus on software developers or network administrators, which won t help if that isn t the type of worker you need.

Work with Local Colleges

One of the best ways to get great workers is to catch them at graduation. Some businesses go directly to local universities and trade schools to personally meet with seniors and recent graduates. There may even be job fairs leading up to graduation day where you re invited to set up a table and recruit alongside other local businesses.

Most colleges have a job placement office where they help connect students with work opportunities. Let that office know you re looking. You may even find your next great team member by hiring a student as an intern during the summer months.


You likely already network through LinkedIn and local groups. However, if you re looking for tech workers, it may be worthwhile to network within technology groups in your area. At one meeting, you ll likely meet at least one person who knows someone looking for a job similar to the one you re filling.

If your business is part of a professional network with its own regular groups, reach out for a partnership where your members can let technology workers know of their staffing needs. Both organizations will benefit. You may even be able to regularly send over job opportunities and have them communicated to members of these networking groups, helping you add to your list of candidates.

A business s technology workers are vital to success. They design their applications, maintain their network security, and help ensure their customers get the information they need. With the right recruiting strategy, you ll have a plan in place to give you a wide variety of candidates, helping you find the most talented worker for each job opening you re trying to fill.

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