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For Naperville businesses, technology is an integral part of day-to-day operations. Devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and computers power daily administrative activities, allowing workers to interact with customers and perform work for supervisors. Behind the scenes, a business s servers hold the data and applications accessed by all of those devices.

Occasionally, a data center move becomes necessary. Some businesses relocate to a new building and move their data centers to be accessible from the new location. Server equipment movers have found that many businesses are also turning to the cloud for server and application hosting. IT movers are then called in to decommission old server rooms, responsibly disposing of old equipment, racks, and accessories.

Save Equipment Transport

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we take data center migration transportation seriously. We work hard to protect your equipment throughout the move using our proven techniques. With years of experience as I.T. move specialists, NCWS can offer a business the peace of mind it needs to deploy a data center move with confidence.

Each project begins with a questionnaire. Businesses contact NCWS with the statement, My company needs help moving our servers and we immediately direct them to our server relocation questionnaires. These documents assess a business s specific needs to allow us to better price your move, as well as line up the services necessary to help. We offer Naperville businesses access to services that are exclusive to NCWS, allowing them to know they ll have a worry-free move.

Server Protection

During your move, there are several dangers your equipment will face. A server s hard drives are extremely sensitive to shock. Even a small disruption such as that caused by vibration can damage a computer s hard drive. For a business s servers, such damage could be disastrous, leading the business to downtime after a move while IT professionals work to restore the data on a new server.

Another reason servers must be protected during transit is that humidity and static can cause damage. As an experienced server moving company, NCWS has developed a suite of solutions that preserve the humidity- and static-free environment of a server room throughout the server moving process.

The Right Materials

What sets NCWS apart from other datacenter movers is our innovative IT Relocation process. Exclusive solutions such as our ENVIRO-packaging surround your equipment as our computer movers take it to the truck, transport it to the new location, and remove it from the truck to set it up in its final destination. ENVIRO-packing is made from special material that protects equipment from humidity and static during a server move, as well as insulating it against bumps and knocks.

In addition to our ENVIRO-packaging, our server moving company uses special anti-shock pallets that absorb any shock or vibration to keep the equipment on the pallet steady. The special technology gives equipment an unprecedented level of protection during your data center relocation.

For Naperville businesses planning a computer server relocation, NCWS can help. Let us provide a free quote for your move today. Complete one of our relocation questionnaires and one of our data center movers will contact you with a quote for your project.

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