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How Professional Server Movers Can Help Aurora Businesses

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How Professional Server Movers Can Help Aurora Businesses

A successful server moving project starts with careful planning. As Aurora businesses have learned, such a large-scale project requires multiple meetings and the expertise of a professional server moving company to avoid major issues that lead to days of disastrous downtime.

As one of Aurora s most respected datacenter movers, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in making sure a business s IT relocation goes as smoothly as possible through logistics. Our highly-qualified computer movers outline what a business needs to do to prepare for an upcoming server move, then serve as consultants throughout the process. From the start, we ll show the features we offer that can help your move go smoothly. Below are a few of those features.

State-of-the-Art Packing Materials

Servers must be protected during transit, from the time they leave the rack until they arrive at the new location. NCWS uses ENVIRO-Packaging, a secure type of packaging that is exclusive to our server moving company. With ENVIRO-Packaging, each piece of equipment is protected using packaging that protects it against humidity, static, shock, and physical damage to equipment. This packaging can be used on the equipment while being moved to the truck, while on the truck, and while being moved from the truck to the new building.

Direct Relationship

Some data center relocation specialists farm part of the work out to third-party vendors. Businesses meet with one team, only to find a separate team handles the move, the transportation, or another facet of the project. NCWS never assigns any part of the project to a separate business, promising that our expert computer movers will work directly with you through each phase of the move.


When a business chooses a server mover to help with its computer server relocation, liability is a serious issue. Many property managers now require proof of insurance before a moving company is granted building access for the move. NCWS s insurance covers our employees and your equipment from the time we arrive at your location for the move to the time your equipment is safely delivered to the new location. This insurance will protect against damage to equipment, damage to both the destination and arrival buildings, personal liability for all of our data center movers, and personal and corporate liability during transport.


A computer relocation can cause stress for both business leaders and IT teams, who worry that equipment will not be fully functional the next workday after the move. Our server relocation specialists know how important it is to minimize downtime and we plan your move so that it will have the least impact possible. Once the equipment is on our truck, we monitor it at all times to make sure it remains secure at all times during the move. Your equipment will be packed safely in shock-absorbing pallets and materials to safeguard it against bumps along the way.

When Aurora businesses plan to relocate a server room, NCWS is the business to trust. Our experienced server movers will bring our years of experience to your business, ensuring your business is operational throughout the move process.

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