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Planning a Server Move? What You Should Know about Insurance

Planning a Server Move? What You Should Know about Insurance

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, December 08 6:00

There are several processes businesses must go through before a data center relocation, but many may not realize the importance of insurance. Professional server movers carry a certain amount of insurance to cover equipment damage or worker injury and for its own protection, a business should check to make sure this insurance is in place.

There's another reason businesses should check to make sure a server moving company has insurance before choosing it. For many buildings, insurance is required before a company is allowed to even enter the facility. Unfortunately, some businesses aren't aware of this requirement until they've already begun planning the move. Here's what your business should know about insurance before your data center relocation.

Building Moving Policies

As a business prepares to move its technology resources, it's important to review the fine print in the lease regarding moves. Many leases will specify that when a move is pending, property management should be notified a certain number of days in advance and schedule the move, especially if weekend or evening access will be required.

In addition to notification, many buildings require movers to show a certificate of insurance to remove the building of liability for any injuries or damage to the building. This requirement isn't limited to IT movers. Any moving company tasked with removing belongings, equipment, or furniture will likely be asked for this same paperwork prior to the move date. Leases will also often stipulate that movers must provide adequate protection to carpets, walls, doorways, and other areas of the property to prevent damage.

How Much Insurance?

The amount of insurance varies by company, but many carry standard protections against personal injury, building damage, and equipment damage. National Computer Warehouse Services carries $3 million in general insurance to cover a business while we are on site. Additionally, we carry $2 million in personal injury protection, $300,000 for damage to rented space, medical coverage, as well as $500,00 in coverage for each National CWS employee. This is in addition to a $1 million umbrella policy and insurance to protect against damage due to a catastrophic event during transport.

During a data center relocation, insurance begins from the time IT movers arrive on site and continues through the transport and unloading process. We take every possible precaution to protect a business's equipment, rented space, and our own movers through every step of the moving process. We do this using our years of expertise and quality moving equipment. Combined with our insurance, we provide a business and its property management the peace of mind necessary in the days and months leading up to the move date. We'll also work with a business to make sure the date chosen for the move is convenient for it, as well as the property management.

National CWS is a server moving company that can give a business the reassurance it needs that all will go smoothly during move day. With insurance in place to cover any mishaps that could happen, businesses and their property managers will know that everything is being done to keep equipment, facilities, and movers safe.

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