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Planning a Data Center Move to Vancouver? Server Movers Can Help

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Whether a business is moving its data center down the street or across international borders, a move can be stressful. There are so many different items to coordinate and, unless a business has handled such a move before, they likely have no idea what to expect. For this reason, many businesses choose to hand the planning and management of their equipment moves over to professional technology movers.

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we handle IT moves of a wide variety of types, for businesses throughout the U.S. In recent months, businesses have learned they can even rely on us to take care of moves from America to Canada, taking care of even the smallest details to make sure their servers and other equipment can be relocated easily.

Detailed Project Proposals

As part of our process, NCWS provides a free project proposal to each business. This proposal will cover each aspect of your move, detailing costs to ensure you know exactly what to expect. For a move to Vancouver, you ll complete our relocation project questionnaire designed for moves outside the U.S. and let us know the exact scope of your move. This includes the number of servers, racks, and peripherals to be moved, as well as timelines for doing so.

Once chosen as your data center movers, our team becomes an extension of your own team, regularly meeting with you to answer any questions you have. You ll be assigned a project manager who has extensive experience in handling technology moves and can advise you on what to expect. Because international moves require a customs process, it s even more important to work with experts who can help you avoid any potential complications.

Customizable Solutions

NCWS realizes no two moves are alike. For that reason, we come up with customized solutions for each client. A company moving its on-site servers to a location down the street will likely have different requirements than a service provider providing storage to numerous businesses will have when moving long distance. If you re moving, you ll likely have restrictions on downtime and we ll work to make sure those needs are accommodated. Moves are often planned around peak business days to take advantage of those times of year where customers are less likely to use your website or call into your customer support center.

With a move to Vancouver, it s especially important to rely on a professional server moving company. We partner with a Canadian logistics company that specializes in handling customs issues for international moves like yours. They ll advise you of exactly what you need to do to get your equipment moved safely.

Safe Packing and Moving

One of the top concerns of any business as it prepares to move is equipment safety. NCWS takes the condition of your equipment seriously, providing packing materials that keep your servers safe from humidity and shock. Our specialized equipment will also stabilize your equipment as it moves from the server room to the truck and our packing processes will keep your hardware safe during transport.

We also transport all equipment on an unmarked truck to conceal inside contents. Outsiders will have no idea that your valuable equipment is inside, so you ll have the peace of mind of knowing it s unlikely to fall victim to tampering along the way. We also utilize the same qualified data centers to move your equipment via truck as we do to move it from your building to the truck. So you ll have actually met the people who will be driving your equipment to its destination.

PCs and Printers

Our services aren t merely limited to server rooms and data centers. NCWS s technology movers can handle full office moves, as well. This includes the PCs, monitors, and printers you don t want to trust to the people who move your boxes and furniture. Our data center movers realize the importance of treating your sensitive electronics with care. We utilize our state-of-the-art materials and moving equipment to keep every piece of equipment safe throughout the move.

Another benefit of working with NCWS for your equipment moves is that we can organize your assets to ensure they re delivered to the right location upon arrival. Our system is designed to identify each asset and specify where it would be located at the new location. We also offer cable management services for your server rooms and office spaces to help your own technology workers be organized.

Data Destruction

As you move to Vancouver, you ll inevitably have equipment that needs to be recycled prior to and during the move date. But you can t simply hand your servers and PCs off to a third-party service. NCWS can take care of responsibly recycling your hardware, taking one more item off of your to-do list to make things easier for you.

In addition to making sure your equipment is handled in a way that s safe for the environment, we ll also make sure that all traces of data is removed from each device. Your servers and PCs likely have sensitive information stored on them that could be devastating if it lands in the wrong hands. For that reason, NCWS s technology movers employ a two-step process that ensures every possible piece of information is gone before a new person takes that equipment over. This includes both degaussing and shredding the hard drive.

Other Services

In addition to our move services, NCWS s server movers can provide a variety of services, including document management and asset tagging. We can help free up space in any office by converting old paper-based documents to electronic files. We can also help with your inventory by creating an asset management and tagging process that streamlines your IT operations, saving you time and money.

Whether you re planning a move to Vancouver or you need help with local moves, NCWS is the best company for your server relocation services. Our team of experienced technology movers will make sure you have the information you need to make your transition as efficient and error-free as possible, easing your mind and letting you concentrate on the business of running your business.

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