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Phoenix AZ Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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Today s savvy businesses focus on technology in everything they do. From the internal applications and servers they use to support only their own staff to the large data centers that power businesses across the world, tech is a top priority. Some of the best minds in information systems today live and work in Arizona, where they take extra efforts to keep their servers up and running 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

When businesses in Arizona need server & computer equipment relocation, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is a top choice. We have more than a decade of experience and put that expertise to use in advising your team as it prepares for move day. By the time you re ready to relocate your equipment, you ll have the entire process mapped out so that you know exactly what to expect.

Moving Servers and Computers

For many Phoenix AZ businesses, their server & computer equipment relocation will involve only the items they have in their office areas. They may have a small server room, but arranging the relocation is easier than a full-scale data center. We can work with any team to determine the best thing to take servers offline to move them to the new location in a minimally disruptive way. Our team works nights, weekends, and holidays when necessary to ensure employees have access to their files on the next workday.

Our highly-skilled team has years of experience in safely relocating equipment. We use specialized packing materials that protect each server and computer from the dangers faced during a move, including bumpy Interstate roads, airborne moisture, and static. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your devices will arrive safely and be ready to use.

Other Services

In addition to our relocation work, we also provide a variety of IT services that save your business time and money. This includes document management, which puts your paper-based files on a server where they can be accessed from anywhere. Your team will know that if disaster strikes, your documents will be safely stored and backed up, preventing you from losing valuable information. This also frees up the office space you currently use to store paper files, which saves time when you do move someday.

Our server & computer equipment relocation team also provides equipment removal services. If you have servers or computers that have reached their end of life, our team can take it to a recycling facility and ensure responsible disposal. But first we ll remove all hard drives and destroy them so that the data that resides on them can t be detected by anyone outside of your organization. This helps keep your business safe from data breaches.

If your Arizona business plans a move, our server & computer equipment relocation experts can help. We ll craft a customized plan that will ensure your equipment moves safely from the old site to the new with minimal downtime. This will keep your move from cutting into your business s bottom line or alienating your clients and customers.

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