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Phoenix AZ Data Center Relocation & Migration

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A data center often houses data for a large number of businesses, including websites, applications, and files. The servers inside a data center provide information seamlessly to the many devices connected to them. In today s mobile world, this often includes smartphones, tablets, computers, and printers. When a data center needs to relocate its equipment to a new building, the impact can be very widespread.

For Arizona data centers, there s a valuable resource that can help. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) provides data center relocation & migration services to businesses across the country. We have more than a decade of experience in working with data centers and can act as an advisor through each phase of your project. We ll prepare a customized relocation plan that will reduce downtime and ensure your employees, clients, and customers have the access they need as soon as possible after the move.

Information Gathering

The first step toward working with our qualified data center relocation & migration team is to complete a free project quote questionnaire. We ll provide the financial information you need to make a decision about whether to proceed. If you decide to move forward, we ll use that information to kick off the project, assigning an experienced project manager who will work to get as much information as possible.

Your Phoenix AZ data center likely has a large number of servers and peripherals that will be part of the move. We ll conduct a thorough inventory to ensure that on move day, we re fully prepared to expedite your relocation as efficiently as possible. If your data center has office equipment as part of the move, we can include that in the project, as well, which will help you save money by having everything relocated at once. We can also offload any old equipment you have, responsibly and safely recycling it to your requirements and preferences.

A Professional Approach

On move day, you ll discover what many other Arizona businesses have learned in working with NCWS. Our data center relocation & migration technicians act as a professional extension of your team on move day. Many data centers have existing IT staff who either oversee or help with the move and we work in cooperation with those employees. We ensure everything is positioned to be connected and tested at the remote location, allowing your team to focus on making sure everything is working as it should.

Each of our employees is carefully screened both for experience and security. We never work with third-party vendors, even when transporting your equipment across the country. You ll have the peace of mind of knowing a trusted NCWS employee is with your equipment at all times.

If your Phoenix AZ data center has a relocation in the near future, NCWS can help. Our data center relocation & migration specialists have years of experience in executing seamless data center moves. We ll minimize downtime and keep each piece equipment safe as we load it onto trucks and transport it to its new location. The experience and professionalism of our team makes us a preferred service for many of Arizona s top IT teams.

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