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The world of technology is rapidly changing, with more businesses than ever moving IT hardware from one location to another. This is in large part due to the cloud, which has eliminated the need for businesses to have full-scale data centers to house all of their applications and files. When segments of a business s operations are moved to the cloud, the business then has a need for data center decommissioning, which involves shutting servers down and safely moving them offsite for recycling.

When Peoria businesses need equipment moved, professional server movers can handle things professional and securely. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a full staff of experienced rack movers and datacenter movers who have the tools necessary to deploy a successful move. Whether a business is relocating servers to a new site or shutting them down, NCWS s IT movers can help.

Transporting Equipment

The riskiest part of moving server equipment is the transportation process. NCWS specializes in providing data center migration transportation that protects the sensitive internal components of server equipment. Equipment is protected during each step of the data center move, from the time it is removed from the server to where it is placed in the truck for transport.

Unlike other server equipment movers, NCWS handles each dc server rack move personally. We do not outsource the transportation to a freight provider, and we also don t crowd a business s equipment onto a truck with other companies undergoing an I.T. move. This allows us to give personal attention to your equipment, while also giving businesses the security of knowing the truck won t stop at multiple locations.

Shock and Static Protection

During a data center move, servers face a number of dangers, each of which can permanently damage a piece of hardware. When exposed to moisture, humidity, or shock, one or more pieces of equipment can suffer irreversible damage, which means downtime after the move as a business works to replace that piece of equipment. Servers must be protected during transit to prevent such downtime.

NCWS uses our unique ENVIRO-packaging to wrap each piece of equipment during a relocation. We also have double-walled boxes, anti-static peanuts, and humidity control packs to provide further protection. To further protect against shock, our server moving company uses shock-absorbing pallets to house equipment and keep it steady while it s being moved to the truck. Those pallets protect equipment while in transport against any bumps or jolts, holding it firmly in place to keep the internal components from being affected.

Move Insurance

For further peace of mind, our datacenter movers offer move insurance that will protect equipment, facilities, and worker injuries during the course of the move. Many facilities managers require such insurance before a server moving company is authorized to come on site.

In addition to completing the move, NCWS also handles the logistics and planning. Our data center movers will meet with staff multiple times in the weeks leading up to a move and advise that business on what exactly it can expect.

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For any business planning an IT relocation, our server moving company can help. To get started, complete one of our questionnaires and we will contact you with a free quote.

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