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When it s time for a Palm Beach business to move, getting electronic equipment from one location to another safely is a top priority. Whether a business is moving servers, computers, printers, copiers, or a combination of all of the above, skilled data center movers can help make sure your equipment gets to its destination unharmed.

While IT professionals are aware of the many dangers of moving electronics, often business users don t realize the many risks involved in a major move. For that reason, IT professionals almost always recommend hiring a server moving company in to handle moving a business s crucial systems. With years of experience, National Computer Warehouse Service s technology movers make sure each piece of equipment is properly safeguarded before it leaves the building. Here are some of the most important protections to put in place before your equipment moves.

Humidity Prevention

The recommended humidity level in a server room is between 40 percent and 60 percent rH. Amounts below that range can cause static electricity to build up due to dry conditions within the room. Amounts above 60 percent can create moisture build-up on server components, leading to a corrosion effect that shortens each piece of equipment s lifespan.

This humidity prevention can easily be forgotten during a move, as equipment is transported from a building to a truck. While exposure to airborne moisture during the move isn t a problem, if equipment will be resting in a truck for an extended period of time, moisture can create an issue. Computer movers utilize expert techniques to ensure equipment is protected during the move process, reducing the risk to a business s equipment.

Anti-Static Packaging

Businesses take extreme measures to ensure equipment is safe from static discharge in the server room environment. During a move, equipment faces even greater risk from static electricity, which can cause hard drive or microchip damage. The biggest danger of static discharge comes from contact with humans, since walking across a carpet can produce static electricity at levels of as much as 12,000 volts.

Any computer relocation puts equipment in contact with a greater number of people than usual, including the company hired to handle server relocation services and the IT staff who will be connecting and testing the equipment once it arrives. A professional server mover will use the best anti-static packaging available to protect each piece of equipment prior to moving it from its current location. This protection dramatically reduces a company s risk of equipment damage during the move.

Anti-Shock Packaging

Another risk faced by businesses is shock. Servers, computers, and other electronics can be subjected to a large amount of shock during a move. Skilled server movers first utilize processes that minimize movement from the time it leaves the rack to the time it arrives at its final destination. By reducing movement, data center movers are able to keep equipment components still through the majority of the move process.

In addition to executing moves with as little impact as possible, NCWS s technology movers also utilize anti-shock packaging to protect servers as they re being transported from one building to another. This additional level of protection keeps equipment safe throughout the entire transport process, giving businesses the peace of mind of knowing their data and applications will be available as quickly as possible once the move is complete.

Custom-Built Pallets

A professional server moving company uses pallets to house equipment as it is being transported. These pallets not only safeguard equipment by holding it in place, but they give computer movers the flexibility they need to move servers using moving equipment. Pallets are the preferred method for moving sensitive equipment due to their stabilizing ability, which keeps servers in place through the bumps that will be encountered while being transported by truck.

NCWS s pallets are built specifically to reduce shock. While traditional pallets stabilize equipment, these customized pallets also absorb the impact of bumps experienced along the way, allowing our server relocation services team to navigate even the bumpiest roads without causing damage to the equipment being transported. Working with a professional server mover means a business will be able to put its equipment in capable hands, without fear of loss.

Protection by Insurance

In addition to all of these protections, computer relocation companies also carry insurance on the equipment they move. While this can vary from one server moving company to another, this coverage usually covers personal injury, damage to equipment, damage to facilities, and catastrophic events that occur during transport of servers and other items. Often before authorizing server movers to enter the premises for the purpose of moving, facilities management and building owners require proof that this insurance is in place to reduce its own liability for damages or injuries.

NCWS carries a general insurance policy covering up to three million dollars for events that occur while our computer movers are on site. This general insurance satisfies building management s requirements while also providing minimal protection for damages. Additionally, our server relocation services come with two million dollars in personal injury protection, $300,000 for damages to rented spaces, medical coverage on our movers, $500,000 for each NCWS involved in the move, and a million-dollar umbrella policy. Our cargo/catastrophic insurance can be adjusted to meet an individual business s needs.

Years of Expertise

When a business chooses NCWS, that business also has the peace of mind of knowing it s working with some of the best data center movers in the industry. More than a decade of experienced has allowed us to create proven methods for safely transporting servers and computers. We ll work with a business to carefully create a plan that will prevent downtime and make the transition as smooth as possible. By planning in advance, your business will also know what to expect on move day to better prepare.

By working with experienced technology movers for your computer relocation projects, you ll reduce risk and downtime. This will allow you to redirect your attention to your day-to-day duties, allowing your business to continue to earn profits while you let the experts handle planning, executing, and following up on your move details.

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