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Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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The only way to avoid a security breach is to use an Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding service to ensure confidential and private information is destroyed correctly the first time. NCWS believes that hard drives or any storage needs to have a direct and secure path to destruction. This is why we have our mobile hard drive shredding units. NCWS mobile shredding teams will deliver unmatched service onsite and direct to our clients. This achieves an unbroken chain of custody, and control is maintained with hard drives until they are shred onsite at your facility! NCWS is 100% transparent, on purpose! We believe hard drive or storage shredding should be witnessed by our clients during the destruction process. Whether you choose to in person witness, or have us video record the destruction process, it provides additional validation that your sensitive data has been completely destroyed.

Hard drives need to be physically destroyed by mechanical shredding to ensure complete data destruction. Even when erasing, deleting, and degaussed data, be mindful that your may not be completely protecting your company or your clients from data loss. Secure mechanical hard drive destruction is the only single method to 100% guaranteed data cannot be retrieved from your hard drives. It is important to have policies, procedures, and controls in place all leading to a secure and efficient process to destroy hard drives and mitigate any risk. NCWS adds value to our service by helping you to avoid risks we have identified, all while keeping your customers, employees and business protected. The great news is that NCWS offers you all of this while keeping it very easy and manageable for you.

(HIPAA) Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act can issue fines up to $250,000 and 10 years in prison for each violation of the patient health information privacy rules. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act can impose penalties of up to $100,000 per violation by a financial institution. The loss of private customer data is immeasurable and often catastrophic when you weigh the impact it will have on your business reputation.

NCWS Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding service includes:

Two onsite, background-checked team members to maintain chain of custody, and control of items at all times.

Hard drive s serial numbers are recorded and documented

All hard drives recorded and documented

Onsite destruction-only process

Hard drives and storage media are 100% physically destroyed to ensure complete data destruction

Clients can in-person witness the destruction of hard drives onsite before our team exits property

Printed, emailed, or flash drive destruction log provided for each destroyed hard drive

Green recycling of shredded materials, we do not send destroyed materials to a landfill

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