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Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Services

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Onsite Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Services is the single and most effective way to protect all parties data in any situation. The average cost of a data breach is on the rise, having reached $3.5 million earlier this year..This cost can be devastating to a business, potentially forcing it to close its doors for good. To prevent customer data from getting into the wrong hands, businesses are taking drastic measures to safeguard their computers and servers from outside intrusion.

When it comes time to recycle an old PC or server, professionals today are faced with a dilemma. They want to help the environment by having it either donated or repurposed for parts, but they can t risk sensitive files and databases remaining on that equipment and potentially being compromised. Many organizations are also subject to strict regulations that restrict them from sending a hard drive offsite, leaving them to decide what to do with a stack of old hard drives they ve pulled from machines.

Hard Drive Destruction

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in moving and recycling computer equipment, using the best techniques available today to safely destroy data on hard drives. We use a two-step process that involves first degaussing the drive to wipe all traces of data off of it. Once that step is completed, we run the drive through a machine that crushes it, spitting it out into small bits that can then be easily recycled.

Thanks to our mobile hard drive shredding services, we can now bring our equipment to your business, conducting all erasure and destruction on site. This allows you to oversee the process and have the peace of mind of seeing the destruction firsthand. Once shredding is complete, we can either take the destroyed drives to safely dispose of them or you can choose to keep them and recycle them yourself. This gives you complete control of the process.

Certified Process

For businesses that need it for their records, we can also provide a hard drive erasure certificate that demonstrates you ve complied with your specific audit standards. Whether you re bound by NAID, R2, or e-Steward, our certificate will serve as proof during your next audit. By removing the hard drive and shredding it prior to sending your equipment offsite, we re ensuring no data resides on it as it moves to its next destination.

If you re in search of mobile hard drive shredding services for your organization, NCWS is the perfect option. We have years of experience in securely disposing of retired IT equipment and we always stay on top of the latest innovations in hard drive destruction.

Do you require onsite hard drive shredding services? Our mobile operations unit will come to you. Just complete our secure online data destruction questionnaire, and we will get you a free quote fast!

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