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Today's economy provides opportunities for all companies large and small to reorganize their IT equipment. Whether expanding or downsizing, when moving offices, the most delicate portion of that move is all of the IT equipment. To add, it's also the most frustrating and stress-inducing if it is unfamiliar territory. Every single step needs to be taken with precaution to predict what could be connected to the other end of that wire. So why take the chance? It's guaranteed that furniture movers are not IT specialists that understand the ins and outs of every single wire on the ground just by looking at it from afar.

We, at NCWS, are all experienced in the field of IT. Providing a service like no other, we are able to take all of your mangled tangled IT wiring from your original location and present you with a pristine, neatly tucked, organized destination without the stress of worrying if the systems will work after being handled.

All of the IT equipment we transport is packed with anti-static materials (bags, peanuts, even the tape) and strapped to anti-shock pallets that absorb any harsh bumps of the road during transportation.

Any job large or small, we provide peace of mind that your business will be back up and running as it was before you started packing. Each member of our staff is fully trained in handling the most fragile of IT equipment: desktops, monitors, projectors, servers, UPS battery units, backup systems, hard drives, printers, copiers, ... you get the idea.

Standard furniture movers realize there is some give and strength to all of the equipment they handle. They understand that placing equipment down with a minor impact won't harm it. That's the furniture mover concept which works great... FOR FURNITURE. We're talking desks, file cabinets, chairs, couches, tables, stools, safes, appliances, etc. Have you ever watched a non-IT mover put your computer down? WOAH! That little, albeit seemingly slight, impact can knock a heat sink off of a processor, throw hard drive heads out of whack, or shift a peripheral card inside the PC. Any one of those occurrences would cause the system to not boot, and in some cases, lose valuable data!

National Computer Warehouse Services is your answer to relocating your IT equipment to ensure that all of your equipment gets from one place to the next in a safe, organized, and professional manner.

Thank you for choosing NationalCWS!

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