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If your business has been in one location for a while, the idea of moving may seem overwhelming. You may have years of boxes, paperwork, and equipment that will all have to be packaged up and transported to the new location. You probably aren t even sure how to safely get your sensitive electronic equipment to the new location. How can you properly pad servers, PCs, monitors, printers, and copiers to make sure the internal components aren t damaged?

By turning the hard work over to qualified IT relocation specialists, your business can focus on getting the rest of your items arranged and packed. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has years of experience working with businesses to safely relocate offices. This experience helps us know exactly what to expect so we can make sure your move progresses without any unexpected surprises.

Determining Your Move Scope

Today s versatile corporate world means that every move is unique. Some businesses simply need PCs moved, while some need help moving a full-scale server room, PCs, and printers. In the early days of our work with a business, NCWS creates a plan that accounts for each piece of equipment. We ll detail how that item will be broken down, packaged up, transported, and set up in the new location. We ll also work closely with your own budgetary needs to make sure your move is as affordable as you need it to be.

One issue that is a priority for most of NCWS s clients is downtime. We work carefully with each business to make sure we can work within their timelines. Often a long weekend is the best time for a move, since it provides an extra day to test applications and make sure files are accessible. Whatever timeline a business chooses, NCWS works to ensure that the next morning after the move, all of a business s equipment has been moved, hooked up, and has been powered on.

Facilities Planning

In addition to planning the move of your equipment, we ll also work on the facilities planning part of your move. You ll need to ensure that your spaces are ready to safely handle the equipment that will be arriving, including a server room equipped with an HVAC system and proper ventilation. Your data and voice cabling, as well as your networking drops, will be carefully coordinated ahead of time to minimize the length of setup time on your move day.

If your organization has a move in the near future, you don t have to stress over the many things left to do. NCWS has more than a decade of experience in coordinating moves and can make sure your move progresses smoothly.

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