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New York NY Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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When a business needs to move servers from one building to another, the process is much more complicated than merely relocating the equipment. Traditional moving companies often require equipment to be removed from the racks before arrival, delivering it to the new location without placing it in the new racks that are in place.

For busy New York NY businesses, removing equipment and re-racking it can be time consuming, taking them away from interactions with clients and suppliers. National Computer Warehouse (NCWS) offers full-service server & computer equipment relocation services to businesses across the country. We re ready to show your New York NY business what we can do.

Project Quote and Consulting

Businesses interested in our server & computer equipment relocation services start by completing one of our project questionnaires. We have a series of forms specific to each type of project, including one for businesses moving an entire data center, only moving servers, and moving computers and IT equipment. Once we ve received your questionnaire, we ll review it and provide a free quote for your upcoming project.

If you decide to work with NCWS for your relocation, we ll then assign a project manager, who will meet with you to learn as much as possible about your move. We ll create a plan that is customized to your unique situation, making recommendations that will reduce downtime and maintain the strictest security standards. Having our years of expertise on your side means you ll be well prepared for any surprises that occur on move day.

Office Moves

In addition to our work with data centers and server rooms, our server & computer equipment relocation specialists can also help move computers and other electronics. These sensitive items shouldn t be trusted to furniture movers, since they can easily sustain damage due to shock, humidity, or static. NCWS uses specialized packaging and equipment to move each piece of equipment in your office, using our time-tested procedures to ensure every item gets to the proper location in the new building. Your employees will need only to arrive at their desks the next day, plug everything in, and start working.

We customize our approach to each move based on the server & computer equipment relocation preferences each business has. If an organization prefers to have its staff involved in helping with the equipment transfer, our specialists will work alongside them. In some cases, businesses prefer to turn the entire move over to our team, which means they ll merely need to leave work for the day and on the next business day, show up at the new location. We can work with your staff to develop a testing procedure to make sure you verify that applications and files are accessible before we leave your move site.

When New York NY businesses need help with their equipment relocation projects, NCWS is the perfect choice. We ll recommend a suite of solutions that will fit your business s upcoming server & computer equipment relocation, whether you re moving a few servers, an entire data center, or all of the equipment in your office. Contact us today to discover how we can help your business pull off a seamless relocation.

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