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New York NY is the most populous city in the country, with some of America s most important business transactions taking place there each day. The city s five boroughs are home to corporate headquarters, small startups, and numerous mid-sized businesses, some powering the financial activities of the consumer market.

With so much of the country relying on the business transacted there each day, New York City s many companies must have 24-hour reliable uptime for all of their servers and devices. When equipment ages or must be moved to a new location, those businesses shouldn t trust their most sensitive electronics to unqualified providers.

Experienced Services

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a full staff of data center & server movers, trained to make sure your equipment makes it to its destination unharmed. We carefully screen each technology relocation technician we hire and ensure they re fully trained to keep your equipment safe throughout the move. Additionally, we use our own specialized packaging to protect your equipment from static, humidity, and shock.

Having NCWS s data center & server movers handle your New York NY relocation brings other benefits, as well. We train our workers to show the utmost professionalism at all times, making your move as efficient as possible. You ll know as soon as our movers show up at your site that you ve chosen the right group to work alongside your own team. We dress to clearly identify ourselves as data center & server movers to help you maintain your strict security standards on move day.

Project Management

When a New York NY business chooses NCWS for its relocation, we assign a project manager who works directly with the leadership team through each step of the process. This project manager can be the go-to person for any questions or concerns a business has as it prepares for the big day. That project manager will also get to know your business s inventory, as well as learn details about the new location, then create a solution that fits your needs.

The process starts when a business completes a questionnaire for services. Our data center & server movers will review your questionnaire and contact you if we have further questions. We ll then craft a project quote that will give the full cost of your move. If this works within your budget and you re ready to get started, we can send a project manager out to help outline a plan for your move. In the days that follow, our data center & server movers will lend their expertise on the best way to transport equipment to avoid damage and the preparations you need to make now to ensure you have as little downtime as possible on the day of your move.

For New York NY businesses that need data center & server movers, NCWS is the best company to handle any upcoming move. We have a network of experts handling moves across the country and can lend our expertise to your move, whether it s local or long distance.

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