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As one of the most trusted electronics relocation companies in the country, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is the top choice of businesses in every industry. Our data center relocation & migration specialists lend our expertise to each of those businesses, helping them determine the best way to move their sensitive server equipment and user devices without damage.

New York NY businesses often have worked with standard movers to handle their furniture moves. But as businesses have shifted more toward electronics and servers instead of paper-based files, a new breed of relocation specialists has emerged. NCWS s data center relocation & migration teams can help a business whether an upcoming relocation involves a data center, office technology, or a combination of both.

Efficient, Professional Service

Our server specialists pride ourselves on providing professional services to New York NY-area businesses. You ll work directly with a project manager, who will help you plan your move. On the designated day, our team will show up on time, dressed professionally and politely interacting with each person on your staff. We carefully screen each employee we hire and work only with our own employees. You ll never have to worry about your move being handed off to third-party providers, who won t give your move the attention it needs.

We work quickly but efficiently, using our unique packaging solutions to protect your equipment against shock, moisture, and static. Our data center relocation & migration services also include transportation in an unmarked truck, even if your equipment needs to be moved across the country. We assign only expert team members to handle transporting your equipment, so you ll know your equipment is in good hands from the time it leaves your shop until it arrives at its destination.

On-Site Services

You don t have to plan a move to work with NCWS. In fact, many businesses use our data center relocation & migration services for their existing locations. We can help a business migrate from an old server to a new one or convert paper-based documents into a document management system. We even help with server room cleaning, removing dust particles that can cause serious damage to sensitive components. This can extend a business s server equipment by multiple years, helping them save money.

If your New York NY business has equipment you need to dispose of, our data center relocation & migration specialists can help with that, as well. We use a two-step process that includes degaussing and shredding each hard drive, which prevents the data on it from being read. This will help protect your business from a reputation-damaging security breach, allowing you to safely get rid of old servers and computers without having to worry about the data on those items.

If you re in the New York NY area and have a technology relocation project coming soon, complete our questionnaire for a free custom quote. Our data center relocation & migration specialists will review your needs and prepare an affordable rate that will work within your budget. When you trust your move to the best, you ll have the peace of mind of knowing your equipment will arrive safely.

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