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Moving can be a disruptive experience. When that move is being conducted by a business, that disruption can hurt cash flow. New York NY is home to some of the biggest corporations in the world, with their activities often impacting the cash flow of many other businesses. That means that even a small disruption can affect the budgets of other organizations.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is a computer transportation services & server moving company. We work directly with businesses to handle server and office moves, safely relocating every piece of equipment. With years of experience in working with businesses across the country, we have the expertise necessary to minimize downtime during any move to ensure as seamless a transition as possible.

Unmarked Trucks

An important part of every move is its transportation. While another computer transportation services & server moving company might source out that part of the move to a third-party provider, NCWS handles this part of the move in house. We use only our carefully screened server technicians to drive equipment from one location to the next, even if the equipment is crossing state lines or going to the other side of the country.

Our concern for a business s equipment extends to the way we transport each item. Our specialists use anti-shock, anti-humidity, anti-static packaging and equipment to protect each server or computer while in transit. All items travel in unmarked trucks for extra security while on the road, keeping your data safe from infiltration.

Recycling Services

As part of our transportation services, our computer transportation services & server moving company offers computer recycling. We ll remove the hard drives on any old servers or computers you have in your office and erase and shred them to safeguard your data. We can then take the equipment to a recycling center and provide paperwork showing that the drives were disposed of properly. We work with businesses across the country to ensure compliance with specialized regulations, including HIPAA and EPA.

For New York NY businesses that have established relationships with recycling centers, we can transport equipment to the center of choice, destroying hard drives beforehand. In some cases, our businesses prefer that equipment be donated to a charity or sold to a third-party company. We advise businesses on the options available for keeping the hard drives intact, but also warn of the dangers, since our two-step degaussing and shredding process is the best way to guarantee data can t be infiltrated by a third party. With data breaches posing such a serious problem for businesses today, we do our best to keep each of our clients as safe as possible.

If your New York NY-area business needs a computer transportation services & server moving company, NCWS is the best option. We have years of experience in server relocations and migrations and can help you whether you re moving a data center, an office, or a dedicated server room. Complete one of our project questionnaires to get a free quote for our services for your upcoming move.

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