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As the number of electronic devices owned by each employee has increased, businesses are tasked with a new challenge. Disposing of PCs, server equipment, monitors, and mobile devices has proven complicated for businesses, who are well-aware of the dangers of electronics in landfills and want to do the responsible thing.

When a New York business has end-of-life equipment, we work directly with that business to find the best plan for disposing of it. We work closely with local electronics recycling center to ensure equipment is handled responsibly. We realize that busy professionals have many other pressing duties and work hard to take the task of removing old equipment off their hands.

The Green Factor

When left in a landfill, electronic equipment can be extremely dangerous, containing chemicals that can be toxic to both wildlife and the environment. Keeping your limited budget in mind, we make sure your equipment is offloaded in the way that makes the most sense for your budget, keeping your personal preferences in mind.

When computer equipment is recycled, not only is it kept out of landfills, but it also can be repurposed to create new equipment for businesses and consumers who need it. This reduces manufacturing, further helping protect the ozone layer. This will ensure the planet is preserved for future generations.

Secure and Compliant

Like any business, you worry about keeping your data safe. A data breach can be fatal to your business, degrading customer trust and eventually putting you out of business. Data breaches also bring hefty fines, especially if your servers and PCs contain credit card data and health information on consumers. We are trained in all compliance requirements and follow them to the letter as we work to repurpose your old equipment. Hard drives are destroyed when applicable and all asset tags are removed prior to disposition.

New York businesses can also rest assured that while your equipment is in our care, it will be safeguarded. We ensure all equipment is secured in a safe area while waiting disposition, with only authorized IT staff having access to it. Your customer data will be safe from the time it is taken from your location for disposal.

Once your old equipment has been carted away, you can promote your commitment to the environment on your website and social media profiles. Because you help choose the recycling option for your equipment, you ll be able to announce proudly to the New York community and others that your former equipment was disposed responsibly, helping preserve the environment for future generations.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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