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New Jersey Secure Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

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A business has several options when it comes to disposing of old electronics. But as industries become more aware of the dangers of data exposure, many businesses are choosing to turn disposal over to the experts. An e-cycling professional will have a tested procedure in place for getting rid of old equipment without a trace of data on it.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) is one of a very few select New Jersey companies that brings mobile hard drive destruction services to a business s site. Using mobile equipment, we remove hard drives from all of your equipment and shred them, with the capacity to shred multiple drives in a short period of time.

Hard Drive Data Removal

Even when a hard drive is shredded into small pieces, traces of data can remain. Recognizing this, NCWS utilizes a two-step process that involves first degaussing the equipment. With degaussing, we neutralize the magnetic field of a drive so that the data on it is completely unreadable. This method of erasing data on a drive has been proven more effective than standard hard drive wiping software, removing all traces of information.

Once the drive is completely clean, NCWS begins the second step: shredding. In the past, businesses have simply drilled holes in drives or smashed them to bits with heavy objects. While this may be a great way to let off a little steam, it isn t completely effective in making the drive inaccessible. In some instances, data has been found to remain on a destroyed drive, leaving the business open to a security breach.

On-Site Hard Drive Shredding

With our mobile shredding equipment, we are able to render the hard drive into such small pieces, it is not only unreadable, but it can t even be accessed. Businesses can opt to keep the hard drive shards if their policies require it, but NCWS can also dispose of the hard drive through a responsible recycling program. Because this can all be done at your location, you ll have the convenience of having your equipment picked up and your hard drives shredded while you tend to business.

With security breaches now a problem in many industries, businesses now realize the importance of doing due diligence when it comes to equipment disposal. NCWS can take care of all of the removal for your New Jersey business, giving you the documentation you need to show that you take your customers security very seriously.

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