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New Jersey Hard Drive Shredding and Degaussing

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Each day, New Jersey businesses are tasked with managing a large amount of data. This data often includes sensitive customer information that is expected to be protected. Regulations govern consumer privacy, with businesses forced to pay stiff penalties if that information becomes compromised.

But today s business owners aren t just worried about fines and penalties. If a data breach occurs, a company can face dire consequences, including a public relations nightmare. The bad publicity may cost a business thousands of customers, potentially putting it out of business. If a company does survive the data breach, it will be a while before customers fully trust that company with private information.

Hard Drive Destruction

In the early days of personal computing, many businesses assumed simply formatting a drive erased all of the data on it. As technology has progressed, however, experts have come to realize that even if erased, data can still be recovered. The U.S. Department of Defense states that the approach to erase data should involve overwriting every addressable location with a character, its complement, an additional random character, and verification.

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we take this approach a step further to use degaussing a process that completely disperses the magnetic data on a hard drive. Once degaussing is complete, the data on that drive is generally irretrievable. However, NCWS prefers to safeguard this process by following degaussing with hard drive shredding.

Hard Drive Shredding

Most attempts at physical hard drive destruction aren t foolproof, leading many industries to employ hard drive shredding as a solution. New Jersey businesses have access to the latest hard drive shredding technology, ensuring each drive is destroyed to such fine material, no attempts at retrieving data could possibly succeed.

In some cases, New Jersey businesses may wish to save the hard drive while destroying the data contained on it. When that happens, we work directly with the business to find the best way to ensure the hard drive remains usable with no trace of data available on it. When necessary, we can also provide New Jersey businesses with paperwork certifying that data has been destroyed to that company s specification.

Our hard drive destruction services use tested, proven methods to make sure no data is compromised in the process of recycling or reusing equipment. Whether you re offloading a large amount of equipment or you simply need ongoing data destruction services, we re the choice for New Jersey professionals.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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