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NCWS Preferred Data Center Movers

Businesses around the country rely on National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) for their server and equipment relocation needs. With a full team of highly-qualified professionals on our team, we can handle a wide range of IT relocation tasks for an organization. We have years of experience with decommissioning, relocating, and setting up server rooms, equipment, and office electronics and can put that experience to use in your organization.

When a company contacts us for a free quote, we assess that company s needs and suggest a comprehensive solution that can help. Our prices are affordable and include full insurance to keep a business s facilities safe and its equipment protected throughout the project. NCWS sees ourselves as a partner to a business during the course of the project and we schedule multiple meetings to discuss the best approach to each step of the process.

Qualified Employees

One of the biggest benefits to working with NCWS is that we provide only our own employees for each move. Other relocation specialists may contract certain aspects of a job out, but we hire every employee personally, carefully screening them to make sure they live up to our strict standards. From the employees who move the equipment from a business s server room to the truck to the employees that drive that truck to the destination and unloading it, every employee works directly for NCWS.

At NCWS, our employees specialize in IT relocations, data destruction, and IT project management. Instead of standard movers, who specialize in relocating furniture and paperwork, our relocation experts know the delicate nature of IT equipment. Equipment is transported using special moving supplies to keep it safe, with unmarked trucks keeping the information secure while in transit.

Comprehensive Proposals

Our project manager will provide a quote that works within a business s budget. A project manager can make recommendations on the best approach to any job. During the initial discovery process, we ll ask questions to determine exactly what your business needs and offer a full-service solution that meets all of those needs.

Often when we draw up a proposal, we bring up things a business hasn t even thought about. Due to our extensive experience in equipment and server room relocations, we know exactly what a business will face in the days leading up to, following, and during the move itself. We can identify all of the risks a business faces and suggest things they can do to reduce those risks, including:

Properly disposing of hard drives in decommissioned equipment Setting up security measures to restrict access to secure areas on move day Server mover precautions during relocation and transport Securing the truck during equipment transport Recommending security features for new server rooms

NCWS is a preferred IT relocation service for businesses across the country. We handle short-distance and long-distance moves, as well as data destruction and document management processes. Our free proposal can give a business the information it needs to plan for a move, from cost to timelines. We ll work with a business each step of the way to make sure the move progresses as smoothly as possible, with minimal downtime.

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