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NCWS bank movers will offer your company all the services required to relocate your company s bank. No matter the circumstance for moving a companies bank, NCWS has the know how to successfully relocate your firm. Our bank moving experience is backed by a successful client history. We have the correct systems and knowledge to complete your bank relocation on time, securely, and successfully. NCWS has the most secure procedures to create a worry free move.

Security of your servers, equipment, data, and client data are our number one priority. We are not a general mover or furniture mover, NCWS is a specialty relocation service that offers our expertise to the banking client base. We are the furthest thing from 2 guys and a truck moving.

Time lines are important, and we take the time to learn and understand your entire bank moving scope. This allows for us to prepare a plan, and note any possible areas of risk. Our dedicated project managers will often time find areas of concern that have been overlooked. Areas of concern are not usually overlooked intentionally by our clients, but we have the experience and knowledge to better identify and understand any possible obstacle. NCWS takes crucial steps when conducting a relocation project. We follow a proprietary bank relocation project checklist that assists with every move from beginning to end.

Once all areas of concerns are measured and inspected with our client, NCWS will work hand in hand to develop the best plan of action to execute your bank move. NCWS puts your mind at ease, as we will supply all of the required materials, packaging, tools, and educated NCWS team members to execute your bank move. With our specialized background we are able to focus on the information technology services that directly impact your company, clients, and stock holders. For over a decade, NCWS has been performing data center relocation, server moving, computer equipment moving, and office relocation services.

Our teams are dedicated and cleanly uniformed NCWS members, and not day workers, temporary help, or sub-contracted. We will blanket your bank relocation with dedicated project managers, level one technicians, educated technology handlers, packing technicians, and dedicated non-outsourced secure trucks for transportation.

NCWS does not brand or label our transportation trucks in the effort of risk reduction. We have performed years of research and found that truck branding often times paints a bull s eye for theft or security risks. We have plans in place and active to respond in case of any possible mechanical break down. Our system will guard your company against any extended down time, and keep the relocation moving forward.

We literally have hundreds of combined years of experience in our specialized moving area, and you will feel confident when NCWS is a part of moving your bank. We have performed specialized moving services for hundreds of happy clients.

What can NCWS do to help me during a bank relocation project?

Move computer equipment (monitors, PCs, laptops, etc.) Server equipment services (power management, cable management, un-rack, re-rack, de-install, & re-install) Various technology equipment moving (TVs, fax machines, printers, etc.) Bank equipment moving Cable management Records management IT recycling & disposal Safe moving of all bank branches Furniture moving and assistance

Contact or call NCWS today, and we will start building a successful bank relocation project together. Benjamin Franklin said it best The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

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