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National Computer Warehouse Services Joins NAID

National Computer Warehouse Services Joins NAID

by Shawn Simon on Tuesday, February 24 8:12

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) recently became a member of the National Association for Information Destruction (NAID), the official trade organization for businesses that provide information destruction services. As a top provider of data destruction for businesses in all industries, NCWS is excited to be a part of this global organization, which sets and maintains high standards for data security among its members.

NAID sets the bar high for its members, encouraging efficiency and quality of services among providers in the industry. In addition to finding ways to encourage the use of data destruction services by companies around the world, NAID seeks to improve services and expand awareness of the importance of data destruction. By working together, data destruction service providers can expand their reach and strengthen the industry.

Data Destruction from NCWS

Businesses across the country rely on NCWS for our hard drive destruction services. As established server movers, our evolution into the data destruction industry was a natural one, brought about as a natural part of removing equipment with sensitive data. Our clients often ask us for help with responsibly disposing of that equipment, which gradually led to a discussion about what happens to the data on that equipment once it moves on to its next destination.

Today, NCWS offers top-quality hard drive destruction services that include the latest technology in data destruction. We don t just erase your hard drive. We use a proven degaussing technique that changes the magnetic field of a drive. NCWS also provides hard drive-shredding services, reducing drives to small particles that can t be accessed by a third party.

Why NAID is Important

The work NAID does is important because it ensures integrity among information destruction services. Members of NAID regularly learn about new technologies in the industry that can help us improve the services we provide to our customers. We ll also learn about new threats that put businesses at risk, allowing us to pass that information along to our own customers.

Businesses that don t protect their data at the time of disposal could easily find that data in the hands of someone who will either use it or sell it to a third party. This could lead to:

  • An embarrassing, highly-publicized data breach that damages a business s hard-earned reputation.

  • Penalties for regulatory violations including, but not limited to, hefty fines and the requirement of purchasing identity theft protection for all impacted customers.

  • Compromised personal accounts of employees, leading to identity theft or stolen credit card numbers.

  • Months of costly cleanup of damages caused.

Businesses put a great deal of time and effort into protecting their servers from infiltration while at the same time leaving other areas at risk. When equipment is sent to a recycle center or donated to a nonprofit, it s important that all data is removed from that equipment to safeguard a business from problems. NCWS s membership in NAID gives us access to information about the latest technologies we can use to keep businesses data safe. Our NAID membership shows our commitment to our customers and the data of the customers they serve.

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