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Moving IT Hardware? Rockford Server Movers Can Help

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If your Rockford business is planning a move of any kind in the near future, you likely have several concerns. Any move today involves computer relocation and possible server relocation, which comes with a few risks. Computers, printers, and servers are usually purchased and carefully placed on a desk or in a server rack, where they reside for years. Moving items can expose them to several dangers, increasing the risk they ll be permanently damaged.

This is especially true of server rooms, which have extremely sensitive equipment relied on heavily by entire organizations. Server rooms generally include dedicating air conditioning systems and low humidity, since heat and moisture can damage sensitive hard drives. Server rack moving companies specialize in ensuring equipment remains as close to that environment as possible as it is taken from the room to a truck, where it is moved to a new location.

Rockford Server Movers

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has extensive experience in moving IT hardware, including communication rack moves, data center decommissioning, and data destruction. Our professional server movers combine their own expertise with the best tools available to keep your equipment safe.

One danger businesses face during a move is that shock will harm hard drive. Rack movers must first remove equipment from the racks and load them onto a hand truck, where they re carefully relocated to a truck. In getting the equipment to the truck, drives can be damaged if the hand truck hits bumps while on the way. The truck itself will be exposed to numerous bumps while in transit, even during short trips. Those bumps could easily be enough to damage hard drives in the equipment being transported.

The Right Tools

To protect equipment from the moment it leaves the rack, NCWS has developed a shock-absorbing pallet that provides unprecedented protection against shock. Working directly with engineers, our server movers have implemented pallets that use visco-elastic polymer disks that have the ability to absorb even the smallest shock or vibration.

In addition to our shock-absorbing pallets, our datacenter movers use our own exclusive technology in packing materials to protect equipment from humidity and static two of the most serious dangers facing equipment during a move. ENVIRO-packaging is a multi-layer packaging material that keeps equipment safe during a dc server rack move.

Data Center Migration Transportation

IT movers often outsource part or all of a data center move, leading to an element of uncertainty. If a business is moving across state lines, for instance, server equipment movers may outsource the transportation of equipment to a trucking company or have a remote company handle unloading equipment at its destination. A server moving company may also handle logistics, then outsource the physical labor of the move to a separate company.

NCWS handles every part of an I.T. move, including planning, consulting, physically moving, and transporting equipment. This allows us to give specialized attention to a business s data center move, handling computers and printers when needed, as well.

My Company Needs Help Moving Our Servers. What Do I Do?

If you re planning a data center move or you need help moving electronics in your office move, complete our server relocation questionnaire. We ll review your needs and work up a free proposal that fits your budget.

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