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Moving? 3 Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your Hardware Arrives Safely

Moving? 3 Things You Should Do to Make Sure Your Hardware Arrives Safely

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, August 04 6:00

As a business prepares for a move, hardware damage is often of primary concern. Organizations spend a large amount of money each year on server equipment, PCs, printers, and peripherals, so having part of that damaged could result in costly downtime and replacement fees.

There are measures your business can make to protect equipment during a move. Even if you're outsourcing the bulk of the work to qualified server movers, you should take steps to make sure your equipment arrives safely. Here are some things you should add to your pre-move checklist.

Communicate with End Users

As part of your move planning process, include a plan to communicate with your end users. It can be all too easy to exclude them from the process, resulting in problems on move day. Your users will need to know in advance what they'll need to do on move day, including what time they'll be asked to stop using their computers and what procedure they'll follow to prepare devices for movers to pick up. You'll also need to clarify server outage times, even after they'll no longer have use of their PCs, Many users now connect from mobile devices and home PCs after hours.

On move day, be sure each user has written instructions on how their PCs need to be shut down and bundled. To prevent peripheral confusion once you arrive at your destination, provide labels and bags and encourage them to make sure their cables, mice, and keyboards are properly marked.

Verify Move Procedures

Your IT movers should be able to clearly describe their procedures for safeguarding server equipment, workstations, and printers while in transit. The ride from your old location to your new one will likely not be completely smooth, so it's important all of your equipment is properly cushioned to protect it against being jarred.

Physical damage is only one concern during your move. Security is a primary concern, especially when a business's servers are in transit. Data center relocation specialists have procedures in place to make sure server equipment is kept secure at all times. At no point should your equipment be left unattended, whether at the old location, the new location, or en route.

Ensure Coverage

As you learn as much as possible about various vendors, be sure you check to see what happens in the event your equipment is damaged during the move. As careful as IT movers are, the occasional broken printer or monitor is inevitable. An IT moving company should have enough insurance to cover your damage. This will likely be an optional service, but you should include it in your requirements. Having insurance will give you peace of mind during your move, making it well worth it.

Your next server move can progress smoothly and without incident as long as you make careful preparations in advance. Keep equipment safety and security in mind as you plan your move and make sure you communicate any concerns you have with your IT movers. With the right planning, you'll arrive at your destination with all of your hardware in top shape.

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