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How do I move servers?

A question we hear at NCWS quite often is, How do I move servers? OEM packaging is usually far gone at this point, and now there is valuable data within the drives.
When moving servers you have to weigh and consider the following:
What is the distance the equipment will be traveling?
By what method will the equipment be traveling?
What are the logistical challenges:
  1. Travel path restrictions
  2. Union s
  3. Hardware restrictions (doorways, steps, stairs, overhead signs)
  4. Are there truck loading docks, or will the equipment be loaded from ground level?
  5. Are there any loading restrictions, loading zones, or special loading times set forth by the building management?
How long will the equipment remain out of its normal working environment?
The temperature conditions are during transport?
The humidity level during transport?
Will there be any shock during any stage of the transition?
Are there static electricity concerns?
Will be equipment be introduces to vibrations?
How much is the equipment worth if you were to replace?
What are your time lines?
Do you or your company hold the correct insurance to protect against:
  1. Personal liability during the entire moving process
  2. Personal liability against accidents when in transit
  3. Company liability during the entire process
  4. Company liability against accidents when in transit
How valuable is the data?
What level of support do you have to facilitate the moving project (according to scope)
Have you ever physically moved servers?
There are quite a few things to think about when asking how to move servers. The prior mentioned are just a few questions that would need to be answered in order to relocate servers and IT equipment. It is very important to understand all of the aspects when moving servers, from the technical to the physical.
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