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Move Safety: 3 Tips for IT Relocation Safety from Server Movers

Move Safety: 3 Tips for IT Relocation Safety from Server Movers

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, May 04 6:00

When it s time to move your business s electronic equipment, there are more important assets than your computers and servers. The employees that are the core of your daily operations should be protected as much as possible. Yet during a move, it s easy to focus so much on getting your equipment from Point A to Point B that you forget to protect the human beings moving that equipment.

If you re working with a server moving company, they ll normally be well versed in proper moving procedures, including having the necessary support braces and moving equipment that protects them. If you re handling the move yourself or helping your professional server movers with their work, here are three things you should know to keep your employees safe.

Know Proper Lift Procedures

When lifting heavy items, professional server movers recommend keeping your back straight as much as possible. Place your feet shoulder width apart and stand as close as possible to the item you re lifting. Bend your knees and hips and lower yourself to a squat, all the while remembering to keep your back straight. Once you have a firm grasp of the item, push yourself up with your heels.

While lifting, avoid twisting your back, moving upward as slowly as possible. If you rush things, you ll increase your risk of injury. It s best to look straight ahead as you lift, since this keeps your spine in the safest position.

Invest in Supplies

Professional technology movers often invest in back support belts that provide support to the back while heavy items are lifted. These braces not only support your back but they force you to maintain proper body posture while you re lifting. It s important to note, however, that these belts give you the ability to lift slightly more weight than you might have without them. They do not, however, completely protect you against injury, especially if you don t lift properly.

Dollies, hand trucks, utility carts, and pallets are also invaluable in a move. These supplies allow you to easily transport items from one area to another, requiring you only put the work in get the item from its resting place onto the equipment.

Keep Walking Areas Clear

In addition to lifting injuries, your movers also face an increased risk as they move between server rooms and work areas to trucks. Obstacles on walkways can lead to falls, which can cause more injury than if the person hadn t lifted properly. On move day, assign someone to make sure walkways are kept clear at all times to keep your employees and server movers safe.

In the days leading up to the move, you should also check the flooring in the areas movers will travel to ensure its integrity. Is carpet or tiling lifted in certain areas? If you use protective flooring to keep your floors safe from damage during the move, make sure it s secured in place before the move starts.

Even if you invest in injury insurance, it s best to make sure your employees and vendors are protected against harm in the first place. This will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on making sure your equipment arrives safely, rather than worrying about whether an employee will trip or harm himself while lifting.

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