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Mobile Hard Drive Shredding Services in New Hampshire

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Digital technology rules today s business environment, replacing file cabinets full of paper-based documents. Just as companies discovered the importance of paper-shredding procedures, many organizations are now realizing electronic data destruction is equally important. One hard drive can contain enough customer data to seriously compromise a business if it falls into the wrong hands.

New Hampshire businesses often rely on National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) for their hard drive destruction needs. When equipment reaches its end of life, businesses are often left with a decision about where to send it. They know it must be recycled safely, but sending equipment off with hard drives in place can put data at risk, even if a business thinks all data has been removed.

Hard Drive Erasure

When an organization chooses NCWS for data destruction, NCWS has a two-stage process that both erases the drive and shreds it. If the drive needs to be reused, NCWS uses degaussing to change the magnetic makeup of the drive, which effectively renders all data on the drive obsolete. In some instances, a business is able to repurpose the drive after degaussing, depending on the method used.

In many cases, however, degaussing isn t enough. A business is bound by regulations to completely remove and destroy a hard drive before sending the remainder of a device s parts for recycling. In those instances, NCWS conducts the second part of its two-step process, which is hard drive shredding. When combined with degaussing, it s an effective way to ensure data on that drive will never fall into the wrong hands.

Mobile Services

Thanks to advancements in technology, New Hampshire professionals now have access to convenient, quick hard drive shredding service where they work. NCWS can show up at your site with our mobile shredder and complete the shredding of multiple hard drives in a short period of time. Because this service is provided on your property, you ll be able to oversee it, which will give you the comfort you need that your data is safe.

As New Hampshire businesses grow, inevitably you ll need to remove PCs and servers from your inventory. To do so safely, you should partner with a trusted service provider that has the tools necessary to efficiently crush hard drives. This will meet your own compliance needs, while always keeping your customer data secure. If your business is in the New Hampshire area, contact us today to find out how we can help you with your hard drive destruction needs.

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