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Mobile Hard Drive Destruction in New York

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A business isn t built overnight. Often professionals put in years of work to create and grow a company. Yet all of that hard work can be wiped out with one major security breach. The reputation damage and possible fines can devastate a growing business, in some cases even forcing it to close its doors.

New York business owners have begun to realize the importance of employing the best of today s technology to protect the data that powers their businesses. One area that is of specific concern to many businesses is equipment disposal. When equipment is replaced, it s important that companies have a safe way of disposing of it. Since it can t be sent to a landfill that means it must go through a recycling or donation process.

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

Before equipment can leave a business, employees have a responsibility to ensure all data is completely gone from it. Even a small trace of data can be enough to harm a business. Traditional wiping methods like software and smashing with tools can be dangerous, since data has still been found on drives that were destroyed this way.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) takes a two-phase approach to hard drive destruction that involves first degaussing the drive, then destroying it using professional shredding equipment. With degaussing, the magnetic field of the drive itself is changed, making the drive completely unreadable. Once a drive is completely clear, NCWS begins the process of running it through a shredding machine. After both steps have been completed, the drive is safe to recycle.

Mobile Services

NCWS offers New York businesses the convenience of mobile hard drive shredding service. With mobile hard drive shredding, we bring our equipment to your property and take care of everything there. You have no need to turn your drives over to a third-party company and hope for the best. NCWS offers full transparency in our shredding services, letting you sit in on the destruction without ever having to leave your office building.

For New York businesses in need of hard drive destruction services, NCWS is a preferred provider. We not only offer quick, efficient hard drive erasure and destruction, but we also can do so at your convenience. Once erasure and destruction are complete, we can handle offloading all of it, taking the responsibility off of you. This allows you to get back to the business of running your own business while experts handle the rest.

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