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Businesses planning to relocate often have a variety of concerns during the weeks leading up to the big day. They worry about coordinating everything so that furniture and equipment get to their destination. There are also concerns about downtime and how it will impact business operations. Throughout the planning process, businesses also consider liability, paying particular attention to the issues that will arise if their equipment or facilities are damaged during the move process.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has a team of expert data center & server movers who work with businesses across the country. We work with teams throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul MN area to create a move experience that is as free of errors as possible. By planning well in advance, we re able to account for everything that could happen on move day and put a plan in place to either prevent it or deal with it.

Concerns About Equipment and Facilities

Damage to equipment can put a business out of commission for weeks, especially if the damaged item is a server. With so many devices relying on one piece of equipment, a server outage can be extremely serious. We take extra precautions to keep each item safe during the move, using specialized packaging materials and equipment. We also carry insurance that covers equipment damage in the rare case a computer or server is damaged while in transit.

Businesses are also concerned about damage to facilities. Our data center & server movers have insurance that protects any building damage throughout the time we re on site. Many building managers require proof of this insurance before they ll clear a moving company to proceed. We ll provide all of the paperwork necessary to satisfy any requirements your property management has.

Concerns About Employees

One of the biggest concerns is that an employee will be injured during the move. We carry $500,000 in insurance on each of our data center & server movers, as well as medical coverage to handle any injuries that happen while we re relocating your equipment. By turning your Minnesota move over to our skilled experts, you ll be able to keep your own employees from getting involved in the manual labor portion of the move, which could prevent the exorbitant cost that comes from one of your own workers being injured during the course of the project.

Many Minneapolis-St. Paul MN-area businesses rely on us because of the skilled technicians we have on staff. We use only our own employees for moves, carefully screening each one. This includes the process of driving the equipment to the new location. Instead of turning all or part of your move over to a third-party service, as some other moving companies do, NCWS handles everything ourselves.

If your Minnesota business plans a relocation in the near future, our data center & server movers can provide a customized plan to help. We ll use the information you provide in one of our questionnaires to craft a free project quote, which will give you the information you need to make a decision.

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