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Minneapolis-St. Paul MN is a bustling city, filled with businesses that serve customers across the country and sometimes the globe. Over the years, those organizations gather a large collection of equipment, both in use and out of commission. If the day comes that one of those businesses needs to relocate, all of that equipment can become an issue.

At National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS), we specialize in handling equipment relocation and disposal to let your business focus on other things. Instead of trusting your sensitive equipment to furniture movers or risking injury to your own valuable employees, a computer transportation services & server moving company can handle everything for you. We ll carefully plan your move well in advance to make sure you re well prepared for the transition.

Equipment Relocation Services

For more than a decade, our computer transportation services & server moving company has handled relocation projects for businesses located across the country. We ve successfully moved computers and servers, from small businesses to large corporations to massive data centers. In each case, we create a customized plan that fits a business s unique needs. We use specialized packaging materials to keep equipment safe during the relocation and provide expert employees who know the importance of handling sensitive equipment carefully.

Our goal in any move is to minimize downtime as much as possible. We plan your move for a time when your customers will feel the least impact, giving you plenty of advance notice so that you can do what you need to do to prepare. If your Minnesota business has a relocation coming up, we can plan it for a long weekend or slow time of the year. We can even move servers on a Friday evening to give your team all weekend to test each device to make sure it can connect.

Equipment Removal Services

Businesses in the Minneapolis-St. Paul MN area often deal with equipment that must be taken out of commission, often because it has outlived its usefulness. When that happens, businesses are faced with storing it in already-crowded workspaces. Our computer transportation services & server moving company can remove that old equipment, removing the hard drive and destroying it to avoid your sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

While we can remove equipment as part of a relocation project, we also provide equipment removal to businesses that aren t moving. On an as-needed basis, we can come in and take any servers, computers, and other electronic items you have, which frees your team up to tend to business. We can even use our mobile hard drive shredders to destroy drives at your site, providing the documentation you need to demonstrate that the drives were disposed of responsibly.

Minnesota s top businesses rely on technology to power their operations. When your company needs a computer transportation services & server moving company to help with your equipment relocation and removal needs, NCWS is the team to choose. We put our years of expertise to use in creating a winning plan that will ensure your move is as seamless as possible.

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