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Minneapolis-St. Paul MN Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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For today s businesses, data security is a top priority. One breach could result in a major expense as businesses try to remedy damage. Not only will you have to spend valuable time notifying everyone whose information might have been compromised, but you may be required to purchase identity theft insurance for some or all of the affected parties.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) takes security seriously for the Minnesota businesses we serve. We provide server & computer equipment relocation services for businesses across the country. In everything we do, we make security a top priority, working hard to ensure your customer data remains safe even when your equipment is being transported to a new location.

Keeping Equipment Secure

Our dedication to keeping your data safe starts with the people we hire to help you relocate. Each employee is carefully screened before being hired, chosen for their expertise as well as their trustworthiness. We never work with third-party contractors, which means your data will be safe throughout the move. We also make sure each of our movers is dressed to be easily identified as they work, making it easy for employees to spot those who are approved to be in secure areas.

When equipment leaves a business for a new destination, our server & computer equipment relocation services provide top security. We use our own employees to stay with the vehicle containing your equipment and provide our own team to unload the equipment once it arrives at its new location. We work with businesses across the country, which gives us the resources necessary to handle moves that cross state lines.

Keeping Equipment Safe

Our server & computer equipment relocation services include specialized materials to keep sensitive components safe. Our ENVIRO Packaging is designed to protect each piece of equipment from some of the biggest dangers facing electronics during the move, including static, humidity, and shock. This keeps devices safe while they re being transported to the truck, as well as during the possibly bumpy ride to its destination. When your equipment arrives in the same condition it was in before it left, you ll be able to resume operations more quickly, preventing costly downtime.

NCWS uses only unmarked vehicles to transport Minneapolis-St. Paul MN equipment. Instead of broadcasting the internal contents of a truck or van to passersby, our equipment movers keep the information top secret to prevent theft. Our vehicles are managed using our high-quality logistics, which help us know where every piece of equipment is at all times. Whether your business is moving its equipment down the street or to the other side of the country, our equipment relocation specialists can help.

If your Minneapolis-St. Paul MN business plans a relocation in the future, our server & computer equipment relocation services specialists will create a plan to help. Complete one of our questionnaires to get a free quote. If you choose to work with us, we ll assign a project manager to your move who will work with your team to create a plan that meets your own unique requirements.

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