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Minneapolis-St. Paul MN Data Center Relocation & Migration

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Many businesses are in a state of transition. Whether they re growing, moving data and applications to cloud providers, or adding new employees, they need IT services that are flexible enough to grow with them. For Minnesota s data centers, this often means regularly adding and replacing the many servers that support those businesses. From time to time, it may also mean moving to a new location.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) specializes in data center relocation & migration for data centers across the country. We have extensive experience in carefully moving server equipment and peripherals to prevent damage. This gives our clients the confidence that comes with knowing their relocation is in good hands.

A Solid Start

When a business decides to work with our data center relocation & migration specialists, they start by completing a questionnaire that describes the scope of their upcoming project. In some cases, data centers serve a large number of clients located around the world, which means the top concern is minimizing downtime. We ll come up with a quote that covers the project scope as described so that the business can work the numbers and make sure it fits their budget.

Once a Minneapolis-St. Paul MN-area data center decides to partner with NCWS on their move, we assign a project manager who works directly with them from start to finish. The team then has a go-to person for directing any questions or concerns. That project manager ensures the right team is assigned to the project and all packaging materials and equipment are lined up well in advance of move day.

A Qualified Team

Standard office movers lack the specialized knowledge necessary to move sensitive server equipment. For that reason, many Minnesota businesses rely on data center relocation & migration technology providers to handle server rooms and computers located in office spaces. Data center moves rely on that expertise, as well, even if a business already has an IT team overseeing that facility.

Tech teams are often already stretched thin and a move can exhaust all of its resources, making it difficult to find the manpower necessary to test the equipment and make sure everything is working before employees return to work. NCWS uses only our own carefully-screened employees to handle all of our moves. We use specialized materials to keep the sensitive components inside servers safe throughout the entire relocation. We can do all of the heavy labor to allow a team to attend to the details that come with shutting servers down, only to power them up again at a new location. We can assist with racking the equipment at the destination site, as well, further reducing a business s work burden.

National Computer Warehouse Services offers data center relocation & migration assistance to businesses throughout the Minneapolis-St. Paul MN area. We can craft a customized plan that fits your own preferences and reduce your business s risks. Complete one of our relocation questionnaires to give us the information we need to provide a no-obligation quote completely free of charge.

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