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May's Data Center Relocation Tips

May's Data Center Relocation Tips

by Shawn Simon on Wednesday, May 22 9:18

Any kind of move or relocation has proven to cause significant anxiety and stress to anyone involved. The kind of relocation that is most critical, however, is the one involving server relocation of data centers, because any misstep by you or by the computer moving service can mean data losses and critical business disruptions that can hurt a company s reputation. Although a complex process, relocation of a data center need not be overwhelming. Invest on months of careful planning, selection of the right IT moving company, and assigning the most reliable relocation teams to be able to attain the optimal solution to meet the demands of a complicated relocation task is the way to go about it.


Establish your operation objectives, so you will have a reference point when you present your plans to all the people who will be involved in it. Hiring a consultant from a reputable IT moving company or a computer moving service as your guide during the planning stage can be beneficial too.

Planning Process

Communication is very important among everyone that is involved. Everyone involved should understand what the entire plan is, from start to finish. In this stage, the day of the move will be discussed, as well as how the hardware will be transported and which data center movers to hire for the server moving. It is imperative to organize task and plans, and test it in order to anticipate and address every challenge that may arise.

Create A Back-Up Of Your Inventories

Label all your software, applications and hardware with a relocation data base number as you get ready for the server relocation. Make sure that the relocation inventory is always up to date by applying a change tracking process. It is better to be safe than sorry, so make sure to create three sources as your back-up for all of your company s data and applications as you resort to the most feasible computer movers.

Networking Plans

Building a new data center that can parallel the performance and quality of your old one can be planned well in advance, thanks to bandwidth costs becoming more inexpensive nowadays. Take the opportunity to do a network design and move equipment and applications without creating a disruption. It is also wise to test your network on virtual models before theIT moving company or data center movers come to work to avert from any unfortunate surprises.

Assign A Consultant To Oversee The Server Movers

Hiring a data center relocation expert to oversee and guide the work of the computer moving service or data center movers you hired is significant to a smooth-sailing relocation process.

By adhering and taking into action all these important tips, your company are sure to have an efficiently streamlined data center migration procedure with minimized migration-related downtime. It is imperative to stay coordinated in order to avoid budget overruns and serious business disruptions and just focus on achieving a successful relocation process. Similarly, you will need to consult the most professional and reliable Cloud Movers with a proven track record of best Cloud Equipment Relocation and Cloud Equipment Consolidation.

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