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Massachusetts Mobile Hard Drive Shredding

Did you know your Massachusetts business could face serious fines if customer data is accidentally exposed to even one outside party? For healthcare-oriented organizations, those fines can be as much as $250,000, while financial institutions face penalties of $100,000 per violation. In some cases, you may face jail time for the data breach.

With these serious risks, it s no wonder businesses take security so seriously. Data protection is a popular topic of discussion in almost every IT department in the world. Often consumers associate security with antivirus software and firewalls, but there are other ways data can fall into the wrong hands, including someone gaining control of your equipment.

Hard Drive Removal

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) can work with Massachusetts business to properly dispose of old IT equipment. This includes servers and PCs, which can include hard drives filled with sensitive information. We use a two-step process to make sure data is completely gone, starting with a degaussing procedure that changes the makeup of the drive itself. This top industry method of hard drive erasure has been tested over many years and proven to be the best way to completely ensure all data is removed from a drive.

Once degaussing is complete, NCWS uses professional shredding equipment to break a drive down into extremely small pieces. Once the shredding process is removed, only scraps of the original drive remain, making it unreadable to anyone who comes into contact with it. We can then turn the scraps over to you or NCWS can send them to a recycling center to be repurposed.

Front-Door Service NCWS now offers mobile hard drive shredding, which brings the entire process to your office building. You won t have to worry about sending your equipment offsite. We can shred your hard drives under your supervision to allow you the peace of mind you need to proceed. We can also provide paper documentation of the hard drive destruction to give your Massachusetts business the proof it needs for its files.

When it s time to send IT equipment off to its new location, NCWS can help your Massachusetts-area business. We put your data security first in everything we do, working directly with you to come up with the best suite of solutions to meet your own specific needs. You ll be able to turn your old equipment over to us and free up office space without worrying about data being compromised.

For more information on our hard drive shredding with green recycling options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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