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Disposing of computer equipment can be challenging, especially for businesses. When it s time to replace a server or large number of PCs, organizations can suddenly be left with a pile of old equipment. When this equipment ends up in landfills, it poses a public threat due to the toxic chemicals inside monitors, PCs, mobile devices, and printers.

As Massachusetts choice for data center relocation, National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) has more than a decade of experience in equipment removal. As part of the planning process for any move project, NCWS outlines a plan for offloading existing equipment, taking the responsibility off of busy professionals.

A Green Solution

The best use for old computer equipment is to donate it to an organization that can use it. This contributes to conservation efforts by reducing these organizations purchase of new computer equipment, reducing manufacturing gradually each year. It s important that your business choose a disposal solution that understands the importance of destroying all traces of data on hard drives before they fall into other parties hands, both for your own business s privacy and to meet regulatory requirements.

Equipment that can t be donated can be responsibly recycled, with parts repurposed by manufacturers for use in new products. NCWS has a staff with years of experience in recycling equipment, including a familiarity with hard drive destruction practices. We are in compliance with both the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations to ensure your business meets all requirements.

A Customized Solution

Each of our disposal plans are customized to a business s unique environment. We work one-on-one with your organization to assess your individual needs and craft a plan to efficiently and affordably remove old equipment so you can move forward with your business after the move. If you re relocating an entire office, we can ensure equipment is removed from the old location as required by the property manager of that location, avoiding additional trips by your staff once you ve moved.

With our commitment to the environment, you ll have the peace of mind of knowing your business is reducing its carbon footprint as much as possible. You ll also know the data on your hard drive is completely destroyed, keeping your valuable customer data internal. Additionally, asset tags will be removed to avoid your equipment or parts from being identified as having once belonged to your business.

For more information on our equipment recycling & disposal options contact us for a custom quote. For your convenience (and at no charge) a project manager will be assigned to your account to ensure a seamless service experience!

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