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Los Angeles CA Server & Computer Equipment Relocation

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Preparing for an office move can be grueling, with so many small details to manage. No matter what size your business is, you ll likely spend months coordinating everything, touring the new location and mapping out where each piece of equipment will go. You ll contract with general movers to handle relocating your file cabinets and furniture, but your sensitive electronics need specialized services.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) provides specialized server & computer equipment relocation to businesses in all industries. We learn as much as possible about a business s equipment and make recommendations that will help ensure a move is as error-free as possible. When a business is fully prepared for a relocation, things are much likelier to go smoothly.

Services of All Types

Los Angeles CA businesses regularly rely on our services, whether they re moving locally or outside of the city. In addition to our server room and data center move services, we also support a business s daily operations by providing solutions that help you free up space and operate more efficiently. This includes packaging up your computers and servers using our specialized packing material before moving equipment to our secure truck.

Our server & computer equipment relocation services also include removing and safely disposing of old equipment. This frees up office space that has been used for storage. We use a two-step hard drive disposal process that includes degaussing the drive and shredding it, which ensures none of your sensitive data can be intercepted. This is especially important to businesses that fall under strict regulatory standards when it comes to protecting customer information.

Efficient Document Storage

Another way we can help Los Angeles CA businesses is by developing a document management solution that helps your business save space while being more efficient. Paper-based files must be stored in a way that they can be easily accessed when necessary, which usually requires file cabinets. Employees then must waste valuable time rifling through file drawers to find the one document they need. If a building suffers damage due to fire or flooding, decades of important paperwork can be lost in one short time period.

As part of NCWS s server & computer equipment relocation services, we ll move your paper files to a secure server, where they ll be regularly backed up. Not only will this help them survive disaster, you ll likely be able to access them even if your building is uninhabitable for a time. A document management system will also make it easier for employees to find the documents they need, since they ll be able to conduct text searches on their computers rather than spending hours looking through physical paperwork.

Los Angeles CA s businesses need reliable technology to manage daily operations. Our server & computer equipment relocation specialists can craft a plan that ensures those needs are met whether businesses are moving or simply improving their current space. We handle everything from large-scale data center relocations to small business office moves and everything in between. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your Los Angeles CA-area business with its IT needs.

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