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With a population of more than ten million, Los Angeles CA is known for its access to opportunities. The entertainment industry is only one of the city s thriving industries, with 41 of those on Inc. s list of the 5000 fastest-growing companies in the nation located in the city of dreams.

Each of those businesses relies on technology to interact with customers, clients, and business partners. Whether they have an on-site server room or rely on data centers and cloud providers for applications and data storage, Los Angeles s businesses need technology services, especially when it s time to move.

A Leading Relocation Specialist

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works with businesses across the country for relocation projects. Our data center & server movers can handle everything from a small-scale office move to a large data center with multiple locations converging into one. Each of our data center & server movers is trained to keep your equipment safe from the moment it leaves your building to the time we place it in the rack at your new location. This includes the trip the equipment takes in one of our unmarked trucks.

Due to our nationwide network, we can handle moves of any distance, as well, including cross-country relocations. We identify every risk a relocation can face and recommend measures that can be taken to prevent it. We also use our unique processes and packaging, protecting computers, servers, and other electronics from dangers such as shock, humidity, and static. When combined with our fully-insured team, you ll have the peace of mind of knowing your move will go smoothly.

Clear Communication

One reason Los Angeles CA businesses rely on our data center & server movers for their relocation projects is the open communication we keep throughout each step. From the time your business contacts us for help with your move until the relocation is complete, we keep your team in the loop, always communicating any concerns or advice as you prepare. We can work along with your existing server and IT professionals or serve as your sole IT source, providing top-quality teamwork each step of the way.

On the day of the move, our data center & server movers show up ready to work. We move equipment professionally and efficiently, addressing any surprises using our expertise. Each interaction with your employees will be productive and helpful, ensuring the move goes smoothly. Once the equipment has been installed at the new location, we can work with your team to test applications and file access to ensure when your employees are ready to start work again, they re able to get to the documents and software they need to do their jobs.

For Los Angeles CA-area businesses that need help from data center & server movers, NCWS is the top choice. We have years of experience with moving server rooms, data centers, and offices and can put that expertise to use in helping with your relocation. Once you complete our relocation questionnaire, we ll provide a quote that will cover the cost of moving your equipment.

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