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Los Angeles CA Data Center Relocation & Migration

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Los Angeles CA businesses are constantly on the move, working hard to sell products or services to customers across the globe. With some of the biggest companies on the planet headquartered in the city, Los Angeles s technology infrastructure is strong. The data centers and server rooms that support companies in the area, as well as around the world, run reliably 24 hours a day.

Occasionally, however, Los Angeles s technology professionals need to make changes to their data centers. This could mean adding and removing equipment or relocating servers and peripherals to a new building. When a move becomes necessary, the businesses that rely on the equipment in that data center cannot afford even an hour of downtime.

Equipment Relocation Specialists

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) helps businesses across the country with their data center relocation & migration needs. Our experts can help you come up with a plan that minimizes downtime to keep your project from getting in the way of your customers and employees accessing any websites, applications, or files that they need. We ll present your options and let you choose the best way to make your servers accessible as quickly as possible after the relocation.

Our data center relocation & migration services include logistics, with our specialists coordinating each project to ensure all equipment is safe throughout the move process. We use unmarked trucks and professional server movers to transport your equipment, whether your move is to a building down the street or multiple states away.

Specialized Packaging

One feature that our Los Angeles CA clients appreciate is our specialized packaging, which keeps equipment safe from static and humidity. Once electronic equipment leaves the controlled environment of a server room, it can be vulnerable. Our ENVIRO Packaging is a unique solution that provides multi-layer protection to equipment of all types. We also use specialized equipment to absorb any shock that a computer or server s sensitive components might suffer during the relocation process.

In some cases, our data center relocation & migration specialists find that a business has older equipment that needs to be protected. In a data center, this can often be equipment that a valuable client relies on every day to operate. While some businesses may think it s sufficient to package equipment up in the original box and packaging that it arrived in, over the course of even a couple of years that server or computer could age to the point that the original packaging no longer protects it. We ll review the condition of each piece of equipment prior to the move date to determine which items need to be handled with special care so that when your new server room is set up, everything will function as it did prior to the move.

If your Los Angeles CA business plans a data center relocation & migration in the future, NCWS can help. Our professional, experienced technology specialists can help you create a plan to ensure your move is both efficient and affordable. We ll assign a project manager who will work with you through each step of the process, giving you the peace of mind of knowing your move will go smoothly.

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