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For businesses located in Los Angeles CA, 24/7 uptime is a top priority. Whether it s a website accessed by millions or an application used to support clients, companies can t afford to have their systems down. Occasionally, however, it becomes necessary to move equipment, whether it s across the room or across the country. When that happens, downtime is often unavoidable.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) works directly with businesses to minimize downtime during any relocation. Our computer transportation services & server moving company has years of experience in office and data center moves and we put that expertise to use helping you. We evaluate your current environment and determine the best way to relocate your equipment with minimal disruption to your daily operations, which helps you maintain your great reputation as a reliable business.

Business Timelines

Some businesses know months in advance that a move is pending. They have plenty of time to plan and align resources to make sure the move goes smoothly. In some cases, though, businesses must relocate with little warning, dealing with short turnaround times that can make planning challenging. In both cases, strategy is essential to success. Our computer transportation services & server moving company will develop a plan that ensures your move goes smoothly, whether you have months to put it in action or only hours.

The team at NCWS often works around the clock for businesses that need to move with little notice. We recognize that many moves must happen after hours, sometimes even on holidays, and we staff experts who can relocate equipment overnight, on weekends, or on special days off. A three-day weekend is often the best time for a business to relocate equipment, especially if that equipment only houses a business s applications and files.

A Teamwork Mentality

Whether a business is moving an office, a data center, a server room, or a combination of any of the above, often our computer transportation services & server moving company works alongside others. We can coordinate with your furniture movers to ensure that we aren t in their way while they re trying to move file cabinets and desks. We also will show up dressed in easily identifiable clothing to ensure your employees know that when we enter a secure area, we re authorized to be there.

For businesses and data centers that have IT staff on hand, we can work collaboratively to make everyone s work easier. We ll re-rack the equipment at your new location to your specifications before turning the hookup and testing processes over to your highly qualified staff. If you have equipment that needs to be responsibly recycled, we can transport that equipment away, as well, while also destroying hard drives to keep your data from falling into the wrong hands.

When Los Angeles CA businesses need help from a computer transportation services & server moving company, NCWS is a top choice. We offer a full range of IT-related services to help you with your relocations, data disposal, and document management needs. Complete one of our questionnaires to get a free project quote for our services.

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