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Today s businesses collect more data than ever on clients and customers, using that information to inform the products they manufacture and services they provide. All of that data resides on secure servers, PCs, or mobile devices, protected using the latest software. Businesses often go to great expense putting up walls to block unwanted traffic at the server level, but often the biggest risk is to the devices their employees use every day.

Businesses secure their computers and mobile devices using malware and built-in firewalls. They train employees on setting up complex passwords and avoiding security issues through responsible web and email use. However, when it comes time to recycle old equipment, companies, nonprofits, and government agencies often put their sensitive data at risk by not properly removing all information from the hard drives of servers, computers, and mobile devices.

Equipment Disposal

For Lexington, Massachusetts businesses, growing means replacing equipment at least every few years. Many organizations now have at least a few devices that need to be replaced annually. Old equipment can quickly stack up, taking up space in storage closets or hallways. If a business waits until the surplus becomes noticeable to almost everyone who comes through, removal can become complicated.

National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) provides personalized hard drive disposal services to organizations throughout the Lexington area. Our skilled experts have the equipment and knowledge to safely erase and shred hard drives, ensuring your data remains safe from retrieval even by the most sophisticated criminals. Best of all, we can take care of all of your equipment and hard drive disposal needs, removing the responsibility from your busy schedule.

Regulated Confidentiality

Depending on the type of data they collect, businesses are often subject to regulations concerning their data security. A retailer that collects credit card information could be held responsible under laws specific to payment information collection, also known as the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). Violations could lead to stiff penalties and reputation damage, possibly even putting the future of your company at risk.

Businesses that collect healthcare information on patients may be in violation of regulations specific to the government s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), which comes with penalties and jail time. This applies to medical practices, hospitals, and even government organizations that collect and store data on customers. As diligent as your organization may be about securing its network infrastructure, information can easily slip through on a recycled hard drive that your workers get rid of without realizing data resides on it.

Hard Drive Disposal

Through the use of hard drive destruction procedures, a business can keep itself safe while also ensuring equipment is removed responsibly. We use a two-step erasure process that involves first degaussing the drive to make it unreadable, even using the most sophisticated hacking tools. This method is safer than standard erasure attempts, which simply replace the data on a drive with unreadable data.

As reliable as degaussing is, however, NCWS takes no chances with our clients security. After degaussing, we use specialized equipment to destroy hard drives, turning them into small pieces that can t be reassembled. We then give our Lexington clients the option of either keeping the remnants of their drives to dispose of on their own or turning them over to us to responsibly recycle. We can even work directly with a business to craft a solution that meets their needs.

Convenience and Safety

One of our newest offerings is mobile hard drive shredding, a popular option for our clients across the country. We ll bring our truck to your location and perform hard drive destruction services on your property. Simply gather all of the equipment you re offloading and we ll take it from there. In addition to the convenience of not having to dispose of the equipment yourself, you ll also have the peace of mind of seeing the destruction process take place on your property.

In addition to the security issues attached to hard drive disposal, businesses also must deal with the inconvenience of loading equipment onto trucks and transporting it to a separate location. NCWS specializes in equipment relocation, so we re the best resource for taking your used servers, computers, and peripherals to a recycling facility or separate location. With our assistance, you ll be able to direct our movers to the location of your equipment and watch as our experts remove your equipment from your site.

Recycling Options

Businesses have a variety of options for their equipment and hard drive disposal, including working with NCWS to move the items to a recycling facility of their choice. In some cases, organizations prefer to donate old equipment to local organizations that need it. Other businesses sell equipment to third-party retailers that offer cash for computers and servers. In those cases, businesses may wish that the drive remain usable by the parties that will inherit it. In some cases, NCWS can erase drives without damaging them, keeping data safe without permanently destroying the drive. Our experts can work with your team to advise the best course of action before you make a final decision.

If your business has no plan for your equipment, NCWS can help with that, as well. We have relationships with recycling facilities throughout the Lexington area and can set up a plan to relocate your equipment to those facilities. When the hard drive destruction and shredding process is complete, we can even provide a certificate that you can keep for your records. This will serve as proof to any regulators or auditors that you ve taken extra precautions to safeguard the data on your devices and keep your customers and employees safe.

For businesses that need assistance to shred hard drives and dispose of equipment safely, NCWS can help. We offer a full suite of solutions that will help a business as it grows, offering security and convenience whether they re moving or maintaining a current location. With service throughout the Lexington area, NCWS works directly with businesses across a variety of industries to create personalized solutions that fit within any budget.

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