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Legal Discovery and Your Business's Data: How a Server Mover Can Help

Legal Discovery and Your Business's Data: How a Server Mover Can Help

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, January 12 6:00

Every business is at risk of legal action and that risk can increase as a business goes more high profile. In today s digital environment, when a legal issue comes up, most often a business s electronic documents, emails, and online postings are pulled into court to be used as proof in court. This proof could help a company win the case or could help prove the business s involvement in the issue in question.

When it comes to protecting a business s data, a server moving company is well versed in the many issues surrounding e-discovery. With years of experience in securely moving data and helping with data center restructuring, a server mover often counsels businesses on the many aspects of discovery that apply to their data centers.

Discovery Preparation

While a business may be inclined to believe that if a document or message is lost, it can t be used in court, this can actually be bad. Either way a legal case breaks down, a lack of required documentation can be detrimental to a business s chances in a case. Old messages and files could be the very evidence a business needs to defend itself against a particular accusation. An absence of documentation that would have condemned a business will be often viewed as suspicious by a judge.

For this reason, it s important that a business prepare for possible legal action each day, even if it seems unlikely to happen. This includes putting fail proof backup operations in place and testing those backups regularly. A server mover can work with a business to make recommendations and help set up a plan to make sure an organization is prepared in the event unexpected litigation occurs. If an IT relocation becomes necessary, protecting that information will be a vital part of move procedures.

Discovery Response

When a business receives notice that e-discovery will be taking place, it s important to take action immediately. Data center movers can assess the situation and recommend the best course of action for placing requested items in a litigation hold status, even if those items involve multiple years worth of emails and letters.

In some cases, sensitive equipment must be moved as a result of a litigation hold. If desktops, laptops, or servers must be moved to a storage location, a server moving company can ensure this equipment is relocated safely and stored in a secure location until needed. The cost of e-discovery can be quite high, and often lawsuits are settled before the evidence is ever extracted, but in many cases a business will be required to hold the equipment and data for a prolonged period of time. This means a business will have a need to store the equipment in a safe location without using it for a period of years.

For any business, data storage is a necessary part of protection against litigation. A qualified server mover can help a company expedite this process and ensure it does what is necessary to prepare for an electronic discovery request.

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