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Joliet Datacenter Movers Can Help with Your Next IT Relocation

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How Joliet Datacenter Movers Can Help with Your Next IT Relocation

No business looks forward to a move. When a relocation meant packing up paper files and office supplies, it was difficult enough. But today s office moves involve computers, servers, and printers, along with their associated peripherals. Relocating such sensitive equipment can be dangerous, especially if a business allows furniture movers to handle it.

Many Joliet businesses have realized that by putting the work in the capable hands of a server moving company, they can keep their equipment safe during a move. National Computer Warehouse Services (NCWS) uses our expertise to pack, load, and transport your equipment, whether you re launching a full-scale data center relocation or an office move.

Equipment Dangers

When businesses contact NCWS, generally the biggest concern is associated with a server move. While computer equipment is important to a business, every device in an organization often relies upon the server equipment in its data center. A computer server relocation must be handled with care to protect internal components from dangers such as:

  • Shock
  • Static
  • Humidity
  • Heat

Data center movers are tasked with removing servers from a controlled environment, which often includes anti-static and anti-humidity measures. Server rooms are also usually equipped with dedicated air conditioners to keep components at a comfortable temperature. Throughout the day, heat can rise in a server room, creating a danger for the electronics inside. During a move, it s important that computer movers offer an environment that keeps equipment safe from each of those four dangers to ensure it arrives at its new location undamaged.

Packing Materials

Over the years, NCWS has developed a system that ensures a seamless computer relocation process. From the time we begin working with a business on any I.T. move, we carefully plan the logistics of each step of the relocation, including everything in a server room and office as requested. If a business is merely searching for a business that can handle communication rack moves or server relocation, we focus our efforts on planning and deploying that.

On the day of the move, our server movers will use our specialized moving materials to ensure the equipment is safe throughout the process. While there are other server rack moving companies available to Joliet businesses, ours is the only one that has ENVIRO-Packaging, which is uniquely designed to protect equipment from shock and humidity. The packing material uses a five-stage process to protect equipment well beyond the OEM packaging that protects it when it is brand new.

Equipment Transport

The biggest danger equipment faces is during the transport process. Server movers must get equipment from a server room to the truck, where it is then moved across town or further, sometimes going across the country. NCWS s datacenter movers work directly with equipment through each part of the process, personally transporting it to the truck and driving it to its new location. Equipment will be protected against temperature and humidity throughout the process, as well as being safeguarded against theft.

To absorb shock, NCWS s server movers use anti-shock pallets while moving IT hardware. These pallets keep equipment stabilized using a specialized pallet system with visco-elastic polymer disks. These disks absorb shock to keep equipment protected during transport.

Whether your Joliet business needs help with data center decommissioning, a dc server rack move, or an IT relocation, NCWS can help. Complete one of our relocation questionnaires and one of our skilled IT movers will work up a free quote that fits your budget.

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