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Jacksonville is a growing, thriving community with a strong economy and large metropolitan population. Among the many businesses that make up Jacksonville s corporate community are those in finance, insurance, and biomedical technology, each of which have strong data security concerns.

This need for ironclad data security extends to everything a business does, from storing data to retrieving it for business use. When it s time to relocate a business s IT equipment, Jacksonville s businesses know there is one server mover that can be trusted to handle the job. National Computer Warehouse Services is Jacksonville s most trusted name in server equipment relocation. Here are a few reasons you should consider National CWS to handle your next data center move.

Minimize Downtime

Most Jacksonville businesses schedule their moves on weekends to avoid disruption to business processes. By contracting with professional data center movers, an organization has the expertise of a company that specializes in ensuring a movie goes smoothly. This reduces the risk that servers will be down beyond the weekend, with most businesses reporting a seamless transition from one location to the next.

Professional server movers work directly with a Jacksonville business to carefully plan every aspect of the upcoming move. A specialist will take a thorough inventory of every piece of equipment being relocated and measure the new location to make sure all of the equipment and wiring is available to power the new server room. This careful pre-planning will help prevent any unexpected issues on move day, reducing the risk of unexpected downtime during the workweek.

Emphasis on Security

Trusting a data center move to unqualified computer movers can be disastrous. With professional server movers like National Computer Warehouse Services, a business has the peace of mind of knowing its confidential data is in good hands. Each piece of equipment will be moved by fully-qualified professional server movers and secured in a monitored truck. Trucks are unmarked to avoid identifying them as designated for moving server equipment. At no point during transit will equipment be left unsupervised, keeping all equipment safe at all times. If a truck should fail during the transportation process, National Computer Warehouse Services has a contingency plan in place to make sure all equipment still arrives safely.

During the move date, professional technology movers will work directly with your staff to ensure server rooms aren t left unattended. Security is a top priority for server relocation services specialists, who realize that even one unguarded entry door could lead to the wrong person gaining access to confidential electronic files.

Save Money

The right professional computer relocation firm can actually save a company money by carefully planning the move and avoiding any costly issues. Experienced data center movers can identify areas where cost savings can be achieved and work with a business to save money during the relocation process. Professional movers can also help locate the wiring a business might need to support its technology at the new location.

One of the most important ways a professional server moving company can help save money is by ensuring every piece of equipment arrives in the same condition it was in before departing the original location. Using the latest packing materials and moving equipment, technology movers can get equipment to and from the truck without damage, as well as ensuring it survives any shocks it encounters during the ride.

Coordinate Across Regions

Not every server move is within the same geographic area. Increasingly, Jacksonville businesses are moving server equipment to a different area of the country while their offices remain in the city. By choosing data center movers with a presence in both states, a business can leverage a company s ability to work collaboratively in both places to save time and money.

Security is one of the biggest concerns when a company is tasked with taking equipment from one region to another. A professional server mover is diligent during the entire move to make sure equipment remains safe at all times. Downtime is another consideration with interstate moves. Professional IT relocation services are well-qualified to make sure systems are up as quickly as possible following a move, even if the new location is on the other side of the country.

Insurance against Damage

When choosing a server mover, it s important to find one that insures equipment against damage during transit. While professional IT movers will make every effort possible to make sure all items arrive safely, occasionally a mishap can occur. A qualified service will take out enough insurance to cover not only equipment damage but injuries to its own workers during the course of the move.

When a moving company protects property and its workers through insurance, a business s liability is then reduced. In the pre-assessment phase, professional server relocation services will determine the condition of each piece of equipment and make adjustments to its packing procedures accordingly. This can help prevent costly damage to even the most aged equipment.

Protection in All Conditions

As any qualified server moving company knows, electronic equipment can be damaged by many different conditions. Being dropped or shaken in transit is only one of the many ways a server can be harmed. Humidity and static also create dangerous conditions to sensitive electronic parts, sometimes even rendering a server unbootable.

Experienced technology movers arrive equipped with all of the packing materials necessary to protect equipment from moisture and shock. This is part of a moving service s server relocation equipment, which is specifically designed to handle sensitive server equipment and racks. We ll identify all of a business s packing and truck size needs during the planning process to make sure everything progresses smoothly on move day.

When a business needs server relocation services, National Computer Warehouse Services has the equipment and personnel necessary to make sure your move goes smoothly. When a business uses professional server movers for its relocation, both downtime and risk are minimized. Professional movers can also work directly with a business to identify areas where costs can be cut to further save money and while leveraging the best resources possible.

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