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Is Your Office Keycard Hacker-Proof?

Is Your Office Keycard Hacker-Proof?

by Stephanie Faris on Tuesday, December 19, 2017 14:30

In recent years, RFID Proximity Cards have become the go-to security solution for most businesses. They secure major office entryways, as well as safeguarding access points to data centers and server rooms. These cards use radio frequencies to interact with compatible readers, allowing employees to easily access the areas they need.

One major benefit of RFID cards is that they offer a higher level of security than traditional keyed door locks. Unfortunately, experts have cautioned that these devices can be hacked using widely available equipment costing less than $50. Crafty criminals can even build their own devices, which they can then use to access secured areas of your building. Here are a few things you can do to keep your office safe.

Knowledge Is Power

In order to battle the risks, IT teams must first fully understand them. Misplaced cards are the biggest danger, especially if the lost card can somehow be traced back to the doors it unlocks. Emphasize the importance of securing these cards and not storing them with items like business cards that might identify the address of the doors it unlocks. Many RFID systems operate on a low-frequency signal, which can be more easily hacked than high-frequency readers. Consider upgrading to the most secure system, especially for your data centers and server rooms. Make sure all security staff are aware of the dangers that RFID entries face so that they can be on the lookout for unauthorized personnel.

Shield Your Cards

Many experts suggest RFID shields, which can keep a card safe when it isn't in use. These are primarily designed to protect credit cards, but they can help keep contactless cards safe, as well. But perhaps the best protection for employees is their own behavior. Stress the importance of not wearing keycards in full view and consider making keycards separate from the photo-based ID cards employees use. Lastly, consider a security guard for your lobby and/or installing security guards throughout the building. Those extra steps can serve as obstacles for criminals hoping to infiltrate a business's systems by hacking its keycards.

Switch to Biometrics

Although they aren't without security concerns, biometrics have been suggested as an alternative to physical key-based systems. When a building's entry systems rely on a person's fingerprints or iris shape to verify their identity, they're more likely to remain secure from hackers. This may be technology that businesses choose to implement for highly-sensitive areas, such as server rooms and data centers, as well as areas where old equipment and hard drives are stored. This extra step can make a big difference in giving your IT teams and business leaders the peace of mind they need.

In addition to investing in top-notch security for your work areas, make sure you keep your equipment safe. One data breach can severely harm your business's reputation, negating years of trust you've built with your customers. NCWS provides full-service computer recycling, including shredding your hard drives to keep your information safe. Don't let your old equipment pile up in areas where they may not be safe. Contact us today to learn how we can help you with your computer recycling needs.

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