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Insurance and Data Center Relocations

Insurance and Data Center Relocations

by Shawn Simon on Thursday, April 03 11:53

As a sever moving company we would like to think our 12 year history of no loss service is another example of our excellence. The reality is that insurance for any data center move is essential. Now assurance and insurance are both different, and insurance and data center relocations go hand in hand.

We are specialty server movers, and with that being said we go up and beyond what any furniture mover would as far as our safety and knowledge in our industry. We are not saying furniture or house movers are not able to move things, but we suggest you stick with our specialty service for those data center items.

There is also a huge difference in insurances that we hold versus Bill N Ted s movers. Of course Bill N Ted s movers is just fictional name in this article. A general mover with day laborers all have different insurances, and in some cases none. They have many ways of up-selling you, strings, and ridiculous deductibles. Some have minimal insurances just so they can keep their doors open and looking operational. In addition to this, they make you purchase any level of protection that may protect your assets.

When you are moving your data center or servers, be sure that the vendor is up to date with all insurances that will cover all liability for you, your company, its assets, and the building involved in the project. Be sure your vendor is 100% transparent with their insurances and covering you and your company.

You, and your company will need to be covered, and any building that the vendor will enter will require them to have insurances. The buildings will ask for the vendors COI, certificate of insurance. The COI shows that the vendor has up to date insurance, and will show what insurance they really have. Another aspect is insurance for when your IT equipment is in transport. A couple quick scenarios to get your thinking when moving a data center or IT equipment. (The what ifs ):

If you are personally transporting your companies computer equipment in your personal vehicle or rented UHAUL or a friends F150 and there is an accident maybe a catastrophic accident. You and your company may suffer substantial law suites, , and losses for the accident; obviously the equipment would be damaged.

If a general mover, which has day laborers, backs into your stock holder s car onsite, this is problematic. What if they damage the equipment or building, bad news?

NationalCWS.com holds the following insurances, with no strings, and no deductibles:

General Liability Insurance: $3,000,000.00 (Three Million Dollars)

Automobile Liability Insurance: $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars)

Umbrella Insurance: $1,000,000.00 (One Million Dollars)

Workers Comp. Insurance: $500,000.00 (Five Hundred Thousand Dollars)

Cargo Insurance: $250,000.00 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand)

(Transport insurance)

Our insurance blankets every client, every time, and without strings. Our generous cargo policy offers you peace of mind while your equipment is in transport. If additional cargo insurance is required we would quote this insurance at our exact cost, again with no strings!

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