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The Importance of Finding Server Movers Who Don't Subcontract

The Importance of Finding Server Movers Who Don't Subcontract

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, February 02 6:00

Your data center relocation is extremely important to your organization. You can t afford days of downtime, so you need to be able to rely on your server movers to deploy the move without incident. This requires first choosing data center movers with years of experience in successfully completing server moves without incident.

Unfortunately, many businesses find that when they contract with a skilled server moving company, part or all of the work is subcontracted out to other providers. These workers may not have been part of the planning process and may not fully understand the finer points of your move. In fact, the chosen contractors may not even have the same level of experience as the company you originally chose.

Research Carefully

If a server relocation specialist never subcontracts, that company is likely very up front about it on its website. Data center movers are aware that some businesses are especially selective about that feature, so they make a point of stressing it on their websites and other publicity materials.

As you browse a potential provider s website, note the absence of any information about the parties who will handle a move. If a company doesn t promise that no work will be subcontracted, it may be worth contacting them to ask questions.

Ask the Right Questions

The time to bring up the subject of subcontractors is before you sign on the dotted line. As you narrow your list of data center movers down, check off any providers who are evasive about the topic of subcontractors. A company should be more than willing to promise that only their own employees will handle the move.

Another important issue to consider is whether or not server and computer movers will be actual employees of the server moving company. Some server movers use contractors to handle the move efficiently, allowing them to add ore workers when business is heavy and cut back when things are slow. Finding server movers that promise to only use employees to handle your move can help protect your business against issues.

The Right Personnel

While the server moving company may avoid using subcontractors, your business may employ other contractors to help with various aspects of your move. If this is an issue for your upcoming IT relocation, work to make sure the chosen moving company will work well with any other vendors who will participate in the move process.

Feel free to also ask potential data center movers about their hiring practices. These employees will have access to areas of your business that are normally off limits to all but the highest-level IT staff, so it s your right to ask the moving company whether new hires are screened before they are hired.

During the process of searching for a server moving company, your business should feel free to ask as many questions as you need to make the right choice. During the contract phase, be sure to include these items in writing to guarantee you ll have the team you expect handling your server relocation.

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