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How to Keep Morale High During an Office Move

How to Keep Morale High During an Office Move

by Stephanie Faris on Monday, March 05, 2018 10:30

Relocations are an inevitable part of running a growing business. Whether you're improving your location or moving to a larger space, the process of packing, loading, and transporting equipment and furniture can be disruptive. But keeping customers happy while you're in a state of chaos is only part of the challenge you'll face.

During an office move, employees can begin to feel as though they've been demoted. The work they do each day is set aside in favor of taping up boxes and cleaning their spaces. As a result, you may find morale dropping, which can be disastrous for the positive work culture you need to create to retain and attract employees. Although a move is only a temporary disruption, it can have a lasting effect. Here are a few things you can do to keep employees happy while still getting the work done.

Give Employees Some Control

One of the most mood-killing features of a move is the sheer mundanity of it all. Your employees may feel as though they're doing nothing more than carrying out instructions. Instead, consider making the entire team part of the planning process. Display the floor plan of the new workspace and let employees choose their offices within a set area. Employ staff members in creating new policies for the offices and ask for their input when you're making big decisions, such as which items to purchase for the new break room.

Make It Fun

Moves can mean long hours and plenty of physical activity. Don't assume your employees can work so tirelessly, especially if they aren't used to manual labor. If you do have them setting aside their normal work to pack and label boxes for hours at a time, take advantage of the unusual workday and have lunch catered or end the day with a gathering at a local restaurant. The injection of fun in the day will also encourage your employees to bond, which will create an environment of teamwork that will carry over in their day-to-day activities moving forward.

Rely on Outsource Providers

Companies that specialize in moves can manage everything much more efficiently than your own team members. But instead of just turning over the loading and unloading of your boxes, equipment, and furniture to a moving company, consider having them handle planning and packing, as well. Your team members may want to deal with their own personal items, but the movers can manage everything else. This extends to offloading any old equipment and making sure everything is hooked up at the new location. In addition to maintaining morale, you'll also find your employees are able to continue to serve customers during the relocation, which will keep you from losing money.

National CWS specializes in computer and server room moves. We can handle planning, execution, and follow-up on your relocation, including responsibly disposing of any equipment you don't plan to take with you to the new location. If you have a move in your business's future, contact us today to discover how we can help you.

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